Labor Day Brunch Special: CIABATTA & Watermelon

AO: The Shadow

When: 09/07/2020

QIC: Team Mom (FKA Guard Dawg)

PAX (8): Big Apple, CIA, FNG (Troy), Gilligan, Gopher, Manhole, Suds, Team Mom (Guard Dawg)


As the sun glistened atop the tall pines surrounding Peachtree Middle School, eight gentlemen emerged from their fartsacking Holiday Special beds and chose to strive for dedication, hard work, and camaraderie.
YHC announced his name change – OFFICIAL MEDIA PRESS RELEASE WILL BE ORCHESTRATED BY MANHOLE. Guard Dawg has taken a backseat to: Team Mom. It’s a joyous privilege to keep the group morale high with positivity, sharing a healthy snack, and helping inform people the benefits of using JOIYA CBD to help with recovery, sleep, breathing, & overall health!
After introductions, we went to work on a beautiful Labor Day morning.


  • Michael Phelps IC 10
  • Windmill IC 11
  • Imperial Walker IC 10
  • Moroccan Table Dancer IC 5 – (To get them to show up was surprisingly cheap for a holiday. You would think prices would be higher.)
Mosey to the Brook Run AstroTurf Fields. A couple of stops along the way for lightweight curls and arm presses. I told you today was going to be FUN!
Gilligan was away looking for buried treasure for a few seconds then caught back up with the PAX.

The Thang:

The PAX started on the soccer goal line and ran to midfield line and back with an exercise waiting for you at the halfway point. We did four rounds, with a one minute rest/plank after each round. Down and back was 120 yards. I believe some of the PAX were in 15-18 reps total for the 20 minute CIABATTA circuit. Those EMOM’s the PAX pushed through for Iron PAX had me dreaming about Tabatas.
Round One – Four Minutes
Regular run down – Ten arm presses – Regular run back
One Minute Plank – Old School
Round Two Four Minutes
Regular run down – Five squats – Run backwards back
One Minute Plank – Sud’s Call
Round Three – Four Minutes
Regular run down – Three lunges each leg – any sort of way back but can’t be running straight. Options were karaoke, side shuffle, back peddle, hopping, skipping, flying if you have super powers.
One Minute Plank – Callouts from the PAX
Round Four – Two Minutes
Regular run down (Ten yards must be done doing CIA’s bear crawls) – Regular run back with ten yards of BC somewhere in the mix
Mosey Back To Baseball Field
-Curls and Squats on the way back
We saved three minutes for our dearly beloved, Mary. All the men in the PAX led a cadence call today – great work by Gilligan and Gopher.


We had one FNG, Ben Kacsandi. Ben is an actor, he moved here from LA last year. He was a quarterback at Ohio State. YHC was lucky enough to work on a movie set with him in Atlanta last year. The movie will becoming out Christmas Day on Disney Plus. We are glad “Troy” has joined us!
Suds took us home with a beautiful prayer.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Today’s post beatdown snack was freshly cut watermelon.
Here is the playlist we listened to during the workout.
And for those of you who are just dying to correct YHC (and Manhole who did not change it, while spelled differently, Tabata sounds like Ciabatta (it’s funny. it’s a bit of a word play, expand your horizons.)

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