Lean on me

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 09/05/2020

QIC: Zohan

PAX (9): Dosido, Birdie, Youtube [FNG], Ha-ha, Speedo, Doughboy, NRA, Cox, Zohan


6 for a pre-ruck, including a kotter Thin Mint and Homer who were not able to stay for the BD.



Mosey toward the bottom of the WidowMaker. On the way there we stopped for some SSH, Copper Head Squats, Hill Billies and Windmills.

The Thang:

YHC gave a quick background –

We often face challenges that we feel are too big for us, leading to despair. But the truth is that we have each other to lean on. Sometimes it’s shame and sometimes hubris that prevent us from reaching out to our brothers for help. So this BD is not meant for one person alone.

YHC pulled a Board of Pain that conveniently waited us there and had a set of exercises with ridiculously big numbers. Our mission was to work together, each to the best of our abilities, to finish the board in time. Each PAX was to update on the white board how many reps they’re going to do of an exercise and go do it, then come back for more. The board had listed:

800 American Hammers (alpha count)
800 Mountain Climbers (alpha count)
800 Flatter Kicks (alpha count)
800 Squats
400 Derkins
400 Peter Parkers (alpha count)
400 BBSU
400 V-Ups
400 Broad Jumps
200 Burpees
25 Run to the top of the WidowMaker and back

At first the progress seemed slow, with numbers barely climbing over the first 2 hundreds, but the PAX came back again and again, checking what was left to do. Derkins were the first to be completed, followed by the Runs. Soon PAX were calling out loudly that they’re taking the last 30 of this or the last 50 of that. With slightly less than 10 minutes to the end, the last call was to complete 45 Flatter Kicks and everyone joined in. YHC was quite proud of the group.

We moseyed back up the hill and did LBCs for the 6, then Indian Run back to the flag with 90 seconds left that YHC filled with Monkey Humpers and some more squats.



Prayers for success for the PAX doing the Blue Ridge Relay. YHC’s M is finally flying back tonight after 5 long weeks. My 2.0s might be happy too. YHC repeated the message that as much as we like supporting others, something we need to give others the grace and the opportunity to support us.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I listened to the F3 podcast about the F3 Foundation and they mentioned some things other regions are doing for their community. It’s been a long time since this region joined together behind a cause. Personally I don’t have a solid idea yet what it would be, but I hope we can have some suggestions and go do some good.

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