IronPax 2020 Week 1 – A true test of form over time, separating the men from the boys – OR – How I came to love the EMOM timer! – OR – How come it’s taking me nearly 1 min to finish my burpees?

AO: The Shadow

When: 09/01/2020

QIC: Chaingang (only by name)

PAX (16): BrassMonkey Chaingang CrossStitch CurveBall Dubya Dunder Greenbean Horny Manhole Potter Rambo Rumrunner Saget SnakeOil Suds Zoom


F3 Greenwood earned more hatred and admiration concurrently, probably more of the former as 16 pax arrived to show their mettle in the face of misery.

How come the EMOM burpees seemed to come more and more quickly…or, why did the “half-way” alert start to happen before burpee #3 was complete?



– Mosey to track
– Settle in at football field for IPC
– Side Straddle Hop 15x IC
– 10x Merkins
– Windmill 10x IC
– Runner’s stretch

The Thang:

EMOM=Every Minute on the Minute (called by app)- 3 burpees

3 Burpees (Begins Rd & EMOM timer)

50 Hand Release Release Merkins
100 Leg Raises
150 Jungle Boi Squats “2Spoonz Style”
200 Big Boy Sit-ups
250 Stationary Lunge Steps (ct ea leg as 1 rep)

Each time the minute hits, you do 3 burpees and then go right back to your current exercise. The faster you do the reps, the fewer burpees you have to do.

Scoring: Total elapsed time beginning with the 1st Burpee and ending with the 250th lunge step.


*EMOM = 3 Burpees are performed at the beginning of every minute on the minute until all cumulative work is completed. Use a tabatta type app (SmartWOD Timer or Seconds) to run the EMOM.

*Each Burpee begins and ends in the standing position.

*Hand Release Release Merkins means that both hands are pulled off of the ground at the bottom of the merkin and 1 hand is pulled off of the ground at the top of the merkin.

*Leg raises require feet and knees to stay together through the entire rep. The top of the rep is reached when your ankles have passed above your hips and over your abdomen. The bottom of the rep is reached when your feet touch the ground.

*Jungle Boi Squats are a type of jumping squat. “2Spoonz Style” means that both hands touch the ground between your feet and are raised sideways until they are above your shoulders at the peak of the jump. This is an ode to Greenwood native DJ Swearinger and the hit he laid on Clemson tailback Andre Ellington.

*Big Boy SitUps are unsupported at the feet. No leveraging feet for assistance. Both shoulder blades touch the ground at the bottom of the rep. Both shoulders clear the hips at the top of the rep. Hands are free to use as momentum.

*Stationary Lunge Steps start in the standing upright position. Take a step forward until the Top knee is at a 90deg angle and positioned over the top of the foot. The Bottom knee should be at a 90deg angle and touching or almost touching (<1in) the ground. Step backwards until you are standing upright with both feet together at the starting position. This is one rep. Rinse & Repeat with the opposite leg. Count every step as a rep. (#EasyWay). **No walking lunges! This is a stationary exercise so that the EMOM timer can be heard.


Thank you Lord for your deliverance….I thought it would never end after always seeming to have more Big Boy Situps to rep.

I believe Rumrunner took us out, likely because he new he would need the Lord’s strength for his repeat of IronPax on Thursday, or because he knew he would be testing the Lord by tempting fate for a second round.

P.S. Rambo and Brass Monkey had a repeat performances as well….true men amongst boys…..

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