A Musical post-Birthday Beatdown

AO: The Rubicon

When: 09/03/2020

QIC: TopHat

PAX (19): Hasselhoff, Lumbergh, FalseStart, Lefty, Devito, Pass Interference, Trebeck, Cookie, Miller Time, Fanny Pack, Lil Hurt, Pitstop, Heidi, Speedo, Zohan, Isner, Pinkey, Focker, TopHat


29h30m into a new solar orbit, Q began with a check for potential new meat / first-timers / FNGs. Finding none, he delivered a short intro disclaimer and it was time for a…


…quick mosey to the flagpole circle for warm-ups: SSH, Weed-Pickers, and Imperial walkers. The group then resumed an upbeat-pace mosey to Field of Dreams for…

The Thang:

…a musical dora. PAX paired up and commenced to work:

Song title Exercise time
Welcome to the Jungle Merkins 4:33
Jump Jump Squats 4:01
The Reflex LBCs 5:29
Break On Through Wide Merkins 2:25
Photograph Bonnie Blairs 4:08
We Will Rock You Freddie Mercury 2:02
Eye of the Tiger Alabama Ass-Kickers 4:03
Working for the Weekend Apolo Ohnos 3:41
Surrender Burpees 4:13

Naked-Man Moleskin:

There was no cake. Many thanks to Ha-Ha for bringing YHC into the fold, and to the men of Alpha for your support and consistent positive attitude & example.

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