Plankety Plank Plank

AO: The Shadow

When: 08/29/2020

QIC: Manhole

PAX (25): Big Apple, Brass Monkey, Chain Gang, CIA, Dorian, Dubya, Dunder, Fireballs, FNG (Titration), Gilligan, Gopher, Green Bean, Guard Dawg, Major, Manhole, Peanut, Pitboss, Radar, Ricochet, Ricky Martin, Rum Runner, Saltlick, Scout, Suds, Sunshine


25 men of Shadow, kicked off the covers, emerged from the fartsack, swallowed the DRP, and made their way to DNC, where we got work done. No one left wanting for more, that I know, and if they did, they were doing it wrong.

Apparently lots of PAX wanted to Q today as there were repeated questions of moving the start, but YHC had a plan. 0700 hit, the count was 25 and we were off.


Mosey from the flag down the hill and along the wood chip trail

Circle up at the cul de sac.

All IC, and mostly x15: (times 2)

  • Imperial Walkers
  • Low Slow Squats
  • Windmills
  • Stone-Mountains
  • Large Arm Circles (only x10 – forward 1st round, reverse 2nd round)

The Thang:

Partner Up. YHC explained the while partner 1 planked, partner 2 would do a dora of sorts:

  • Run up the hill to the 2nd sign – 10 Merkins
  • Continue running to the 4th sign – 20 Squats
  • Continue running to the 6th sign – 30 LBCs
  • Run back and tag out partner 1 who has been planking the entire time

We did four rounds of this, unless you were effing studs like Fireballs and Brass Monkey who did a 5th round for extra credit.

YHC called for all to circle back up and spread out, and on your six for some Mary (mostly IC and and all x15):

  • Leon’s Box Cutters
  • Big Boy Situps (OYO)
  • Rosalita
  • Obliques
  • Big Block Alphabet

Roll over and plank for the six.

Partner up again, this time partner 1 grabs a cinder block (great idea Chain Gang) while partner 2 runs up the hill to the 4th sign and back. With the cinder block we did the following continually moving exercises (two full rounds):

  • Overhead Press
  • Chest Press
  • Curls

We piled the blocks back up and back to the cul de sac for a 2nd helping of Mary (mostly IC and x10 or x15)

  • Box Cutters
  • Low Dollys
  • Rosalita
  • Low Flutter
  • Big Boy Sit Ups

Line up at the base of the hill for alternating lunge walking (x10) and broad jumps (x10) – 3 or 4 rounds, YHC lost count. 10 Hand Release Merkins.

Running short on time, so we moseyed up and around and to the front of the school just in time for COT.


We counted off, name our FNG (Tetration) a Dr, graduate student and Chemistry professor at GSU. (he came really close to being Dr. Hi (ask him about it)

Rum Runner took us out, with prayers for compassion.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Bean educated our FNG on the foundings of F3 and then quickly invited all to watch the IPC video when it drops on Sunday (week 1). On twitter ( @f3greenwood )

At coffeeteria, a multitude of paper plate awards from the last 3 weeks were distributed. Suds and Big Apple led the way with 3 each I believe, but CIA, Guard Dawg, and Manhole each took the inaugural 5 post award.

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