How NOT to throw exercise dice

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 08/29/2020

QIC: Speedo

PAX (12): Zohan, Dosido, Catfish, Boomer, Cox, NRA, Lefty, Nacho Libre, Costanza, Ready Mix, Birdie, Speedo


First time as Q at the Widowmaker so I had to make a good first impression.  God provided a beautiful, overcast, breezy morning for us.  With some PAX traveling to Athens to help kickoff @F3ClassicCity and some still recovering from YMM and Quad I wasn’t sure how many we’d have and was please to see some guys stretching as we finished the pre-ruck.  I had just enough time to drop my ruck, grab a sip of water and then kicked things off.


We moseyed up to the top parking lot for some serious stretching including:

  • SSH x15
  • Weed pickers x15
  • Imperial Walkers x15

So much was planned so we headed past the cross country boys and over to the lower soccer field for the Thang.

The Thang:

Someone just happened to leave a pair of exercise dice in a tree near the parking lot so we circled up and did one round.  Apparently some guys don’t know how to roll the dice as we had burpees show up at least three times in an escalating fashion (5, 15 then 20).  Thankfully YHC had no other burpees planned so we just berated the guys who threw those but allowed them to continue working out with us (on probation of course).

Next, we headed over to some soft grass for a round of Super 21s.  1 merkin followed by 1 big boi sit up, 2 merkins, 2 sit-ups, etc. up to 21 of each.  After round 7 we did 21 monkey humpers to break up the monotony and to allow blood flow back to our pecs and abs.  After round 14 we did 21 star jumps then continued.  Not knowing how long the rest of the fun would take YHC called time and a slow 10 count before moseying to the Widowmaker.

PAX were instructed to select a curl-able coupon and meet at the bottom of the hill.  Some guys thought I said grab a rock and talk casually amongst yourselves while slowly making your way to the bottom but everyone eventually arrived.  We partnered up for some coupon mary:

  • Round 1 – P1 does curls with a coupon while P2 runs with coupon up WM to end of guard rail and back.  Switch places until rep count = 200 then Cusack for the 6
  • Round 2 – P1 does rows with a coupon while P2 bear crawls up WM (sans coupon) to end of the fence on the left side then runs back.  Switch places until rep count = 300.  Air chair with your coupon for the 6
  • Round 3 – P1 does Hodors with his coupon while P2 runs w/o coupon to end of guard rail and back.  Switch places until rep count = 30.  In case you were wondering, Hodors were inspired by Hodor of Game of Thrones (which YHC has watched a total of once) whose only purpose in life was to carry a crippled boy. With a coupon held in front of you, squat until the coupon touches the ground, stand, rotate the coupon over your head to a triceps extension, squat, stand, rotate the coupon back in front. That’s 1.  For even more fun try it with a 35 lb. cinder block.

With time waning we carried our coupons to the end of the guard rail.  PAX were instructed to Cusack the coupon while lunge walking up the WM back to the coupon pile.  If the coupon dropped below the top of their head they had to drop the coupon and run down the WM to the starting point and back to their coupon and start from there.  At first, YHC thought a couple of guys were going to make it all the way back in one try but gravity had its way and each person did at least a couple of WM suicides.  Passers-by were staring curiously and their dogs seemed totally nonplussed by us.

Back to the flag (actually on the soccer pitch which was soooo comfortable) for some dying cockroaches and box cutters before YHC called time.


Thrasher from F3 Cherokee facing yet another surgery for sarcoma in upper leg/hip/groin.  Pray for a miracle in this next surgery and for peace for his young wife and kids.  Pray for the Lerner (sp?) family who lost a grandfather, father and now adult son in the recent past.  Prayers for our NLB brothers fighting addiction and for all our families/friends as they look for mature, strong, consistent and Spirit-led leaders (whether they know it or not).

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks for allowing me to lead this week.  I’m tired but glad I got out there and worked hard this morning.

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