What are Yard lines for?

AO: The Norseman

When: 08/27/2020

QIC: Zohan

PAX (12): Inseam, Hot Sauce, Snowman, Ha-ha, Tuberville (FNG), Striky, TMI, Dr. Rico, Nacho Libre, Shooter, Jethro, Zohan.


I wasn’t planning to Q but the call came out that no one signed up for Thursday, so YHC thought it’s a great opportunity to avoid yet another IPC Week Zero. Plus I haven’t been to the Norseman in quite some time.


Mosey in the parking lots. IC – SSH x20, Weed Pickers x10, Imperial Walkers x10, Mountain Climbers x20

YHC likes to keep WOR short. Except that one time at the Widowmaker…

The Thang:

Every Line

We moseyed into the football field’s goal line. YHC admitted he has no idea what are the Yard lines for, so he assumed it’s there to tell us how many reps we should do of each exercise.

10 Makhtars (on the 10 Yard line), 20 Burpees (on the 20 Yard line), 30 Merkins, 40 American Hammers AC, 50 LBCs and continue on to 40 American Hammers, 30-20-10 ending on the other side’s goal line.

Ha-ha tried to correct me that the Burpees are done on the 1-Yard line, but it was too dark for me to see anything so I stayed with the original plan.

YHC explained the moral of the story is – don’t leave the Q sheet empty!


Every Other line

We aligned on the goal line again for Suicides. 20 Squats on the goal line, sprint to 20 Yard line for 20 Flatter Kicks AC and run backwards back to the goal line. Again – 20 squats, sprint to the 40 Yard line for 20 Flatter Kicks AC and run backwards. Same toward the 60 Yard line (the ‘other 40’ line), then 80 and then other goal line.


Making our own line

We lined up. PAX cycled through 5 Hand Release Merkins, 10 BBSU and 15 American Hammers. Last PAX in the line Bear Crawl to the other end of the line. Sort of line Indian Bear Crawl. 12 PAX made it quite a long line but everyone pulled through. Hot Sauce did not Bear Crawl. He Bear Run that thing.


Forget about the lines

We moseyed out of the field and toward the restroom building, then paired up.

One partner holds Ball to the Wall while the other does 10 Step Ups (single count) and 10 Dips. Then switch.

We switched back and forth for about 5 minutes and YHC called to run back toward the flag. Those in front were asked to run back and pick up the 6.

Our Mary included 15 T-Bombs and 10 (or 11?) Rosalitas. Time.



Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always appreciate the opportunity to lead!

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