Missing PAX

AO: The Shadow

When: 08/27/2020


PAX (13): Box Checker, Chain Gang, CIA, Curveball, Dubya, Horny, Potter, Radar, Rum Runner, Saget, FNG Switchboard, Utah, Zoom


I wondered who the HIMs were who would show up to the 5:30 am beatdown instead of fartsacking until 6 am.  I was pleasantly surprised with 13.


SSH 15x i.c.

8-count Inch Worms 15x i.c.

Imperial Walker 15x i.c.

Mary Katherine 15x i.c.

Merkins 15x i.c.

Windmill 15x i.c.

Rise and Repeat

The Thang:

Cherokee Run to Corners Drive, planking for the six.  We lost some PAX, so Curveball went back for them.  While waiting, we did squats and

Burpees 10x i.c.

Mosey through the secret path to Stratham Drive

Bear Crawl, Lunge Walk, Broad Jump, Crab Walk, Bear Crawl up hill

Cherokee Run down Trumbull Drive to Vanderlyn Playground

Circle up on the fake field for Mary:

Dying Beetle 15x i.c.

Big Boi Situps 15x oyo

Dying Cockroach 15x i.c.

Advance Boat Canoe 15x i.c.

Freddy Mercury 15x i.c.

Heels to Heaven 15x i.c.

10 pullups or your max on the playground

Mosey to bottom of Vanderlyn Hill

Alligator Merkins part of the way up the hill

Mosey to DHS parking lot curb for

Curb Dips 15x i.c.

Curb Alpers 15x i.c.

Mosey back to COT


We named FNG Switchboard.  Chain Gang prayed.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I may have gone a little fast because we lost some PAX along the way.  Some made it to Vanderlyn, one waited for us at the COT.  Names have been redacted to protect their egos.

See you tomorrow for Bike/Run at Mellow Mushroom in Dunwoody Village at 6 am.

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