KISS – Keep it Simple…Star Jumps?

AO: Bad Apple

When: 08/26/2020

QIC: Woody

PAX (12): Rusty, Brutus, Sprocket, Zima, Turbine, Norwood, Sparty, Pass Interference, Chalupa, Goat, Ollie, and an FNG - Alamo.


Fresh out of Q School, YHC gets to lead for a 4th time.  This one will take place in a dense fog that makes it even more ominous…


A little mosey around the parking lot…then an easy Battan Run over to the gazebo with all PAX to get the blood flowing.

First exercise, starting position, in cadence, begin… (paying attention in Q School)

  • Side straddle hop x 12
  • Toy Soliders x 12
  • Copperhead Squats x12 (3 count down, 1 up)
  • Mountain Climbers x12

Sigh of relief from YHC who didn’t get yelled at this time by Goat.

The Thang:

Partner Up:    While one partner runs 40 yards and back, the other partner does the following exercises in the DORA:

    • Round 1:
      • 100 squats, 150 VUps, 200 merkins (YHC demonstrates an impeccable VUP…they didn’t look as good ongoing)
    • ROUND 2:
      • 100 Star Jumps, 150 Lunges, 200 LBCs
      • This time the other partner runs around the shopping center and finishes running backwards.  (~1/3 mile)

Mosey back to the starting flagpole and circle up.

Back at the start and everyone is dripping wet with sweat!


Prayers for those that are going through job transitions and that our country heals.  Another reminder around the Ironpax and we get to welcome and name a new FNG.  Welcome Alamo!



Naked-Man Moleskin:

Off to get coffee for some fellowship.

It was a pleasure to lead these great men through the paces this morning.

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