IPC Unofficial Preseason Game 2

AO: The Hooch

When: 08/26/2020

QIC: Popper

PAX (11): Puff Daddy, Hasselhoff, Scrooge, Splinter, Hanson, Catfish, Flo, Sunshine, ReadyMix, Boomer, Popper


With the 2020 IronPAX challenge (IPC) season looming and the Week 0 preparatory IPC beatdown in recent memory, YHC opted to replay a modified version of a favorite 2019 IPC beatdown to get the Hooch PAX ready for what is sure to be a boundary-pushing September. Today’s program is a throwback to the H0.0ch days of yore, with a format that is a coupon-centric AMRAP within time, cumulating your reps as your final score (no manual data entry to F3 Greenwood on this unofficial IPC routine replay).

YHC gave a quick disclaimer, distributed weinke’s w/the day’s program on it, hit go on the music, and got the party started.


  • 15 Side straddle hop
  • 10 Weed-picker
  • 10 Moroccan Nightclub

Mumble-chatter re: warm-o-rama not including a mosey. (Even H0.0ch included a warm-up mosey, Q!)

The Thang:

It’s pretty simple. Set A and Set B contain 100 reps apiece. Alternate between doing Sets A and B until Q calls time at 6:15. Count the reps in your head and do as many as you can.

Set A Set B
10 Coupon Rows 10 Coupon Rows
15 Burpee Coupon Jump Overs 15 Cross-over Merkins
20 Coupon Curls 20 Squat-Curl-Press
25 Coupon Squat Thrusters 25 Dead Lifts
30 Gas Pumpers 30 Freddie Mercury’s

These mighty PAX worked hard in the gloom. Amidst the pain, some mumble chatter cut through the mental rep counting, ranging from barks of encouragement from various PAX, musings on format for Wednesday Hooch beatdowns in future possibly consistently resembling the H0.0ch beatdowns of old, support for or questioning of YHC’s musical tastes as observed in the playlist, and Scrooge and YHC in a belching contest.


Once time was called, the PAX were smoked, and we circled up to discuss how it went. All were challenged physically and mentally. A good preseason game for 2020 IPC.

Praise and thanksgiving for Hanson’s M starting a new job this week.

Prayers for Flo’s family as they grieve a death in the family and comfort the grieving widow.

Patience, peace, and trust in the Lord’s provision for various PAX in seasons of employment search.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC scored a 620 on last year’s 2019 IPC, the format of which was Set A with pull-ups instead of rows. In this modified version, YHC scored 630 after also running a 5k pre-run. As the PAX convalesced in camp chairs at the weekly coffeeteria, YHC privately mused over the sweet satisfaction of acceleration. These PAX push me to consistently achieve ever-better heights, lengths, speeds, and performance in all three F’s: Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. YHC is proud to call these men brothers and fellow yeomen in our striving to be high-impact men (HIMs).

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