IPC Week 0: Grindstone Style

AO: The Grindstone

When: 08/24/2020

QIC: Milli Vanilli

PAX (8): Inseam, Snowman, Emeril, Olaf, FNG_Breastroke, Hushpuppy, Vinny


Today represented Week 0 for the IronPAX Challenge and the Gloom never disappoints at the Grindstone with the seemingly endless 5:30am drizzle.  No harm done, it merely masks the perspiration courtesy of the Georgia summers.

8 PAX including one FNG (welcome, Breaststroke!) blasted off into the Gloom.


Given we were timing, the group did a rather quick warmup, which consisted of the SSH, Good Mornings, Weedpickers, and Copperhead Squats on the opposite side of the parking lot.  Once warmed up, another quick mosey back to the football field to kick off the IronPAX.

The Thang:

PAX lined up along the near end zone to review the exercises on the white board.  You know it’s serious when the white boards come out.  Exercise as follows:

  • 50 Air Squats
  • 40 Big Boi Situp
  • 30 Merkins
  • 20 Bonnie Blairs
  • 10 Burpees
  • 800 Meter run (4 full football fields + out to the 18.5 yard line and back.)

Inseam and Hushpuppy led the charge finishing early so they took it upon themselves to dive into some extra credit courtesy of a little Bruce Lee Ab Routine…YHC finished with about two minutes to spare so I joined in for a round of Outlaws.

And like that, 45 minutes come and gone so time to get back to the Flag for a little COT.



We welcomed our newest FNG to the Grindstone today, Tom Shefchunas, now known as Breaststroke.  Thanks to Hushpuppy for bringing him out to join us, nothing like kicking things off with an IronPAX Beatdown.  Wishing Inseam a speedy recovery courtesy of a bit of a bicycle mishap and all the best to Hushpuppy with the job search.  Prayers to those sad clowns that didn’t make it out today and all the men of F3 to go out and make a difference at home and in the community doing our part to make the world a bit of a better place.

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