Hot Tub Time Machine

22 PAX followed YHC over the hills and through the woods on a steamy Saturday AM. At times it felt as if we were working out in a sauna. We welcomed one new FNG- Diablo, and had a lively discussion about the results of the Survey Monkey during coffeeteria.

The PAX: FNG-Diablo, Salt Lick, Manhole, Stripper (left early?), Gopher, Gilligan, Scout, Fireballs, Leon, Suds, Utah, Novocaine, Pit Boss, Big Apple, Ricochet, Horny, Major, Potter, Deuce (Welcome- he is from F3Jackson, but working/living up in Cumming, GA- mostly posting up there), CIA, Radar, GreenBean, Rum Runner

Follow me up to new Austin parking lot for:


SSH IC x 20, Hillbillies IC x 20, Moroccan Night Clubs IC x 20, Low-Slow Squat IC x 20, Stone Mountain Pushups IC x 10, Windmills IC x 10. Rinse & Repeat

The Thang: Split into 2 Groups. Group 1- Head down to Scout’s Tree Stumps for: 20 steps ups & 20 dips. Group 2- Head around school down to Coupon Cul-de-Sac for 20 arm curls & 10 pull ups. The playground was locked, so an alternative for pull-ups was 20 incline merkins on the curb. However- there was plenty of room in the Tree House of Pain for pull-ups. Continue around circuit 5 times. Solid work by Fireballs, Utah, Novocaine and especially those who went all the way down to the stumps!

Plenty of time left for Mary: ABC’s x 15, Freddie Mercury’s x 15, LBC’s x 15, Low Flutter x 15, WWI Sit-ups x 15

Run up to starting COT for more Mary: Box-cutters x 15, Obliques x 11, Flap-jack. Jail Break back to shovel flag. *YHC thinks Salt Lick has experience escaping from prison.

Naked Mole-Skin (note- *it’s not Naked MAN Moleskin 🙂 : Praise for Salt-Lick on his 2.0 born Thursday, 8.20 at 1:11:11, Mark Dean Mosely? More talk of Iron PAX Challenge. Please register if you have not: Great coffeeteria afterwards discussing results of the Survey Monkey. 33 particpants. A very slight lead was for Mondays, as well as to have the new A.O. at Brook Run Park, by the shelters on the baseball fields side. Manhole will send details. 6AM start. IronPAX Week 0 will also drop tomorrow, I believe. You will have the whole week to complete the challenge. We did them on Tuesdays last year. This week will be a test run, and IronPAX is optional.

Good to see Dunder pull a Starsky for coffeeteria with his M!

Welcome FNG- Diablo- Novocaine’s Brother in Law. Duke Undergrad and Arizona State for grad school. He was also a pilot, so there was much debate about Top Gun names, but YHC nipped that in the bud.

Also, Rum Runner made a good comment about onboarding for new PAX. Please check this out: Also, our Sign Up Genius to Q is: If you feel led, please sign up! We will help you out with the cadence and instructions. (*Just don’t ask Suds!).

Here is a great resource for your first Q:

Lastly- Rum Runner had a question about if we have a board or a foundation:

Board info:

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