21 Reasons but a Hill Ain’t One

AO: The Hooch

When: 08/17/2020

QIC: BallBoy

PAX (17): Doughboy, Speedo, Boomer, Feathers, Animal, Spinter, Popper, Sugar, Scrooge, Zohan, Birdie, Maguire, Catfish, ReadyMix, Meatball, Sunshine


Good crowd showed up to work off the weekend calories. 2 PAX for the SLR.

Weather wanted to feel cooler but the humidity said ‘Nope’ and we all proceeded to look like drown rats by the end.






Tempo Merkin

The Thang:

Mozy toward the high school, stopping off for some Derkins and Box Jumps (30 of each in sets of 10) along the way.

Next we alternated Bear Crawls and Lunges using the light posts for transition points until we reached the bridge. Then mozied to the other end of the path for the real work.

YHC knew we’d be pressed for time so a quick explanation and we got to work on what would be an AMRAP until we ran out of time.

“21s” on the hill was the plan:

21 Merkins at the bottom

21 Squats at the top

19 Merkins at the bottom

19 Squats at the top

… and you see where this is going


Mumble chatter quickly fell off as breathing took priority. At 6:05 we needed to head back to home base and while nobody finished it all, some got closer than others but everybody pushed hard and their laundry will pay the price.

Mozy back to the flag with stops for lunges over the bridge (“because why not” was heard from the peanut gallery) and a scene from Dodgeball to cross the road before the speeding cars flattened us.

A little Mary to finish off:

Freddy Mercury

6 Inches

Box Cutters

American Hammers


Prayers for back to (virtual) school for public school-goers and for Birdie’s travels this week and next

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always an honor and pleasure to lead these high quality men

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