Tour de Widowmaker

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 08/15/2020

QIC: Cookie @blunsford4

PAX (19): Catfish, Speedo, Nacho, Hot Sauce, Birdie, Cox, Barney, Pitstop, Lefty, Pinkey, Trebek, Doughboy, Dosido, Homer, NRA, Saint 2.0, Pie, FNG AC


When YHC arrived into the parking lot, the elusive Hot Sauce was the first PAX in sight.  Could there be a 2nd F event tonight that I was unaware of?  We all know Hot Sauce only posts on days when there is a 2nd F…. but standing next to him was what appeared to be an FNG.  So there was the answer of why he posted!


After a brief disclaimer, mosey along the trail to the back parking lot.

  • 21’s  – YHC counts cadence for SSH to 5, then PAX count on their own to 21, halting together.  Burpees for penalties
  • Bat Wings   – 21 forward arm circles, 21 backwards, 21 overhead claps, 21 seal claps
  • Circle Burp – high knees, making it around the circle with everyone doing a burpee when PAX says “down”

Back to the trail, this time heading out of the park on Fox Rd.  Cross the street to a trail leading through the woods to Lake Windward Elementary parking lot.

The Thang:


  • Dora 1-2-3 w/partner  – 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBC

Back on the trail, this time heading toward the Widowmaker, stopping along the way for lunge walks for the Six.  Head down to the field for:

  • 11’s   – Carolina Drydock on 1 side, American Hammer (alpha) on the other

Time running out, we then head back toward the base of the Widowmaker.  PAX are instructed to get up the hill any way they see fit, however those that wanted to be challenged would do it backwards for the 1st half, bear crawl for a quarter, then run the last quarter.  No surprise at all, all PAX attempted to be challenged.  Last, we hit the turf field and split into 3 circles for:

  • Merkin ring of fire
  • Lunge ring of fire
  • Monkey Humper ring of fire

No time left, we ended there on the turf field, circling up for COT.



Prayers were spoken for Haha who lost his brother unexpectedly this week.  Prayers were also spoken for F3 Cash from Fort Mill who lost his battle with cancer this week.  Words of encouragement were mentioned for next week’s CSAUP events, Yes Man Mile and the Quad.  Welcome FNG AC (works for Honeywell).  TCLAPS to Cox who was an FNG last Saturday but made it back out today.  He said he was sore all week but pulled together enough energy to make it back out.  Props to Pitstop who voluntarily sported a 30lb weighted vest for the entire workout today.  Aye!

Honored to lead such a fine group of men.


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