AO: The Galaxy

When: 08/11/2020

QIC: Wideright

PAX (4): sparky, tweaker and steamer


disclaimer and warmup – IC:

10x-weed pickers

11x-imperial walkers

12x-a bagodas

13x-arm circles

Grab a tire, wear it and walk to upper lot (pair up – WR and Steamer/ Sparky and Tweaker)

The Thang:

40 mins of hell with tires!

Teams of 2, cumulative count: (Partner 1 does exercise / partner 2 3x suicides bobby hurley and back) (swap/repeat)

  1. 100x WWII
  2. 200x overhead presses
  3. 300x squats
  4. 200x curls
  5. 100x decline merkins

spare tire walk to pavilion and Kusak back to flag for mary


square of trust

students and teachers
Doobie’s GF diagnosis
Papa Mike and Shirley
recovery for Amanda, Wilson’s niece, Fondue guy’s MIL/SIL, steamers friend and Boyd

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