Short Circuit

AO: The Rubicon

When: 08/11/2020

QIC: White Claw

PAX (17): Isner, Pellets, Miller Time, Focker, Pinkey, Lefty, Fanny Pack, Zima, Heidi, Trebek, Cookie, Devito, Lil Hurt, Hasselhoff, Lumbergh, Pitstop


5 for the pre-run on ol’ faithful.  Miller Time, Pellets, Lefty, Pinkey, and White Claw.  MT and Pellets got into deep conversations on nipple lube and ball chafing and felt a pre-run wasn’t enough time to get to hash everything out so they kept going.


After quick disclaimer headed over to the flag for some SSH, Windmills, Weedpickers, and Mtn Climbers

The Thang:

After WOR we moseyed over to the rock pile to pick up some large coupons.  This would be the start to our short circuit.

20 Curls, 20 Presses both w/ coupon

mosey over to concession stand for 10 Donkey Kicks

use the planter wall for 20 Dips and 20 Derkins

mosey to the field for 10 Burpees

run on the warning track to the opposite foul pole for 10 Sumo Squats

Apple Turnover to home plate (alternating 10 count Bear Crawl and 10 count Crab Walk)

20 Big Boys at home plate

mosey to the bottom of the hill for 10 Diamonds

run to top of hill for 10 Jump Squats

Lung Walk back to coupon

Rinse and Repeat

Seemed like most PAX got through 3 rounds of the circuit with some getting through a few exercises on the 4 time around.  Headed back to the flag for some Mary.  Flutters and Buzzsaw.


Sign up for Iron Pax.  Workouts are in September.

Prayers for those affected by the virus

Prayers for our nation to become united

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