Coupons (and Discounts) have made their arrival at DNC!

AO: The Shadow

When: 08/08/2020

QIC: Chaingang

PAX (19): Ricochet Rum Runner Guard Dawg Scout Oompahloompa Ricky Martin Horney Big Apple Gilligan Fireballs Suds Radar Dubya Saltlick Major Brass Monkey Billboard CIA


19 brace PAX came out for YHC’s virgin Saturday DNC Q, to experience the joy of 100% humidity and to break in the new stash of coupons at DNC (thanks to Dunder for the donation to get us started).


– Side Straddle Hop 15x IC
– Monkey Humpers 10x IC
– Windmill 10x IC
– Rum Runner’s Weed Pickers 10x IC (f/k/a cotton pickers – CSO Rum Runner said we couldn’t use that term anymore)
– Runners Stretch
– 10x Burpees OYO
– Trail run to Roberts Dr.

The Thang:

Thang 1 – Fireballs 4 Corners with an upgrade
– Mosey to school entrance
– Run to each corner doing the following exercises, all the way around the school
– 10x Merkins
– 10x Drydock Crabs
– 10x Turkish Getups
– 10x Blockees and 10x Kettlebell Swings (with Coupons)
– Rinse and Repeat for a total of 4x (3x laps)
– Trail run to Roberts Dr.

Thang 2 – More introduction of our coupons to DNC
– Mosey to coupon corner
– Secure Coupon
– Mosey to Benches
– Elevens, Steps Ups and Thrusters (as much as possible until time is up)
– Return coupons, stack them nicely
– Trail run to Roberts Dr.


YHC smoked himself today, so he cannot recall who took us out in prayer, but it was a good one, thankful for the strength and health to come out with this great group of men.


F3 Lexicon Word of the Day:

A half-baked excuse for not Posting delivered in advance of the Workout to avoid accusations of Fart Sacking. More generally, any excuse for Knox Rolling.

Any act or omission by a Presbyterian (or anyone with a Justifier) so weak and kittenish that it would cause John Knox to roll over in his grave and moan in despair.

The reproductive organ with which usually a male comes Equipped.

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