Cards, Music and Cake

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 08/08/2020

QIC: Zohan

PAX (12): Cox (FNG), Lil Hurt, Pinkey, NRA, Lefty, Catfish, Ha-ha, Nacho Libre, Speedo, Heidi, Costanza, Zohan.


Last day in my 6 consecutive Qs challenge, every day different AO and a different workout. WidowMaker is my home AO so YHC was very happy finishing the tour here.


We moseyed to the top of the WidowMaker. 42 SSH IC to celebrate my 42nd birthday upcoming tomorrow. Added some Weed Pickers and Moroccan Night Clubs.

The Thang:

We waved goodbye to the WidowMaker and continued the short mosey to the nearby parking lot, where YHC left a whiteboard and a double deck of cards.

Similar to a regular deck, each card had an associated exercise. However, this was a double deck with 4 Jokers, shuffled and split. Every turn one of the PAX would draw 2 cards and we’ll be doing the exercise based on the higher face value (Ace over King). If the two cards have the same face value we do both. If one of the cards is a Joker then we do both.

Numbers cards (2 to 10):

Clubs – Sprint Lunges alpha count (a deeper lunge, finger tips should touch the ground)

Spades – Merkins

Hearts РThrusters  (w/ coupon)

Diamonds – 2xCurls (w/ coupon)

Higher cards:

Jacks – 10 Burpees. Red Jacks are with Coupon.

Queens – 15 Big Boy Sit-ups. Red Queens are with Coupon.

Kings – 20 American Hammers. Black Kings are Alpha Count. Red Kings are single counts with Coupon.

Aces – Run. Black Aces are a full loop. Red Aces are half a loop with coupon.

Jokers – 1 minute Elbow Plank


YHC turned on the music, the PAX selected coupons and we begun.

About 5 minutes before the end we pulled 2 Black Aces, so after the two loops YHC called Indian Run back to the flag.

Assuming the cards were left in order, all in all we did:

48 Sprint Lunges (alpha count), 30 Merkins, 46 Thrusters, 47 x2 Curles, 60 Burpees, half of them with the coupon, 75 BBSU, 45 of them with the coupon, 60 American hammers alpha count and 40 American Hammers single with Coupon, 3 full loops, 3 half loops with coupon and 3 minutes of Elbow Plank.

When we reached the flag YHC tried to call out 42 LBCs IC knowing we’re going a bit over time. Around the 30th something PAX started shouting random numbers. YHC heard numbers over 50 and thought he’s not worthy of Respect just yet. Guess I stopped at the 37th LBC or near it.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

3 years in F3 and the older I get the better I become. This is just amazing. I am really thankful for all the PAX – the support, the dedication, the accountability, the inspiration, the mentoring, the advises and most of all – the friendship.

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