A Tale of Two Qs

AO: The Shadow

When: 08/06/2020

QIC: Billboard / Manhole

PAX (27): Almiron, Big Apple, Billboard, Box Checker, CIA, Curveball, Dorian, Dr. Seuss, Dubya, Fireballs, Gilligan, Gopher, GreenBean, Guard Dawg, Impala, Major, Manhole, Novacaine, Oompa-Loompa, Potter, Radar, Rambo, Ricky Martin, Rosalita, SaltLick, Sasquatch, Suds


As the group at Shadow AO, continues to swell, our immediate stop gap is to return to two Qs…(for now). YHC took group 2, and Billboard took group 1.

After we counted off, we parted ways with much fanfare and a small amount of confusion. YHC led Big Apple, CIA, CurveBall, Dorian, Gopher, Gilligan, Major, Radar and Suds


Group 2 took a quick mosey to the North side of the school and warmed up there. All IC and all X12 (x2) – SSH, Imperial Walker, Sumo Squat, Cotton-pickers, and Stone Mountains.

Mosey back around to the front of the school.

Group 1 stayed at the the light pole: (all IC)

Side-Straddle hop – 15
Windmill – 15
Imperial walker – 15
Low slow squat – 15
Floyd Mayweather – 15
Side-Straddle hop – 10
Windmill – 10
Imperial walker – 10
Low slow squat – 10
Floyd Mayweather – 10

The Thang:

Group 2 lined up at the crosswalk for a little Jacob’s Ladder – 7 Burpees, to kick it off, up the hill to the sidewalk, for 10 pull-ups, and then down the other side for 1 merkin…and back. We did this little evolution 7 times until the tables were turned (CurveBall got in some bonus work).

Mosey to the “pit of pain” where we each chose a friend and gathered back up top. Two rounds, all IC and all X10 – Curls for the girls, Over-head Press, OTE (Over-head Triceps Extension), Squat and place, and Skull Crushers.

Stay right here and do a little Mary. All IC and all X15 – Rosalita, Lolalita, Low-Slow Flutter (only 10 of these), Low Scissors, Obliques (left and then right- X10) and 10 Big Boy Situps OYO.

Mosey back to the parking lot for some closing Mary led by Billboard – Low Flutter, Kobe Bryant and Box-Cutters

Group 1 took a little mosey around the front and up to Vanderlyn, around to the top of the track where the coupons hide and lined up for a Blockee Mile:

11 Blockees – 1/4 mile lap
11 Blockees – 1/4 mile lap
11 Blockees – 1/4 mile lap
11 Blockees – 1/4 mile lap
TOTAL –  44 Blockees – 1 mile
Mosey to Vanderlyn
Squats up half the hill
Broad jumps to the top
Mosey back to parking lot
Line up in the parking space lines and run the lines
Fast feet/Rocky Balboa – in cadence going faster and faster for each 10


GreenBean took us out.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

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