Salt water bath beatdown !

AO: The Wreck

When: 08/03/2020

QIC: Sellout B-day Q

PAX (11): aflac, switch, gmonkey, onecall, butters, norm, yankee, meltdown, juul, i-beam,


It was a nice warm morning with promises of lots of moisture!


Mosey up behind the tennis courts and up the grassy hill to parking lot by main building. Warm up with Abe Vigodas, Arm twirls (majorettes) Mountain Climbers, Weed Pickers and Toy Soldiers. Mosey over to pavilion by art building by the pond. Now we have a little sweat going!

The Thang:

PAX picked a partner and then picked a lovely coupon from nearby rain management system. While one partner worked a body part the other used a jump rope to jump rope/run up one side of the pond to the stairs and back. Switch with partner and then cycle through. Start with arm curls, overhead press, bent over rows, tricep bench presses.  Oh and it started to rain a little… Time to stow the coupons and mosey….

Mosey around pond and exit back entrance to Crabapple. Crossed the street to Roswell Station neighborhood and visit the swimming pool. Broke up into three groups.  One group jumped feet first into shallow end of pool and “run” to the other end. Each group performed 4 laps. Meanwhile the other PAX performed merkins, LBCs and jump squats.

Approaching thunder and lightening… so mosey back to the flag and proximity to hard shelter.  Killed the last five minutes with round robin call outs. Flutters, diamonds, planks etc.


Really thankful for a great group of men to push and be pushed!  I’ve had quite the journey the last two years and F3 is just what I needed.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It’s my birthday and I created the beat-down I wanted! We had some sweat, some rain, and a salt water pool cool down. Best compliment comment overheard…  “that was the weirdest ever…”   “Interesting…”


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