Cindy wants to hang out at the park…actually, she wants you to carry her

AO: Bad Apple

When: 07/31/2020

QIC: SwampDonkey

PAX (7): Rusty, Brutus, Woody, Sprocket, Ollie, Goat


Time isn’t always on your side…and when you are with Cindy, it NEVER is. She is the worst!


Side Straddle Hop x15
Mtn Climbers x15
Planks – C>L>R>C for about 2 min total

The Thang:

Grab a cinder block from the truck and follow me…
Walk to tracktrail and then begin a series of lifting exercise for a 20 count, then walk for a minute, stop, do lifting exercise, repeat…

We did
Skull Crushers
Shoulder press
Good mornings with block to chest
Front lifts with a bus driver

At halfway point, we stopped at one end of the park’s lot and did:
25 LBC with block extended
Jog 1/2 across lot, sprint to finish – repeat same coming back
25 Reverse LBC with block extended
Carry to other end of lot
Same sequence except back peddle down, forward return

Return to flag by repeating the same 1min -> 20 sequences coming back and the same core work to finish right on time at the flag.


Prayers for country, leaders, schools as kids start back

Naked-Man Moleskin:

We as a group (from the Wreck) have resisted expansion for some reason. Covid drove some home and a few to SAE. We decided to keep the AO, (Thanks @sprocket), name it BadApple and make it a thing. Now, we are growing almost weekly. So is the Wreck!! A secret 4 or 5 person workout is a new AO and running close to 10 with several new pax and visitors as well. If you plant it, they will come. I love the stories (@Ollie) like mine – “I was just looking for something…” then next thing you know, someone says – it was close enough, free, etc., so I figured I would try it. Then they are regulars.

Again – if you plant the flag, men will find the flag. They need it. WE NEED IT. All of IT.

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Get swole. Donkey.

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  1. Preach it, SD! I almost got run out of office attempting to induce momentum to a new AO. COVID finally got the job done!


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