3 years anniversary

AO: The Hooch

When: 08/05/2020

QIC: Zohan

PAX (15): Feathers, Saint2O, Ready Mix, Dough Boy, Sugar, Popper, Catfish, My Pleasure (FNG), McGuire, Flo, Boomer, Ballboy, Meatball, Hasselhoff, Zohan.


YHC first time posted 3 years ago on August 5th 2017 at the Widow Maker.

Woke up with a mission to bring the Hooch PAX a challenging beatdown, some pain and chaos to start the day well. I hope I was able to accomplish that.


Run around the parking lot with some high knees and ass kickers. When we got near the window of the local gym we bear crawled across their window to give some view. At the small parking lot next to it we did some SSH, Windmills and Moroccan Night Clubs. An FNG that came a few second late caught up to us.

The Thang:


We run across the street toward the church and stopped at the near long stretch of grass. PAX lined up.

YHC called ‘Ready-Go’ and PAX sprinted forward. YHC called ‘Down’ and PAX went down to Elbow Plank position. An exercise was called. After it PAX stayed in Elbow Plank till YHC called to get up and again ‘Ready-Go’. We went forth, back and forth on that field doing (not in that order): Mountain Climbers IC x20, Wide Merkins IC x10, Stagger Merkins IC x10 each hand, Peter Parker IC x15, Makhtar N’Diayes IC x10, No Surrenders IC x10 each leading leg, 90 degree Merkins (after each merkin turn 90 degrees) x10.


1-2-3 and Crawl

After we stopped for a quick 10 count, PAX lined up on the curb. One PAX at a time Bear Crawled the length of the line. Meanwhile the rest did Burpees, BBSU and Squats at ratio of 1-2-3. Each PAX was free to decide how to organize their set. YHC did 5 Burpees, 10 BBSU and 15 Squats at a time. I believe I got through seven rounds before the last PAX finished.



Another 10 count and we run to wall next to the small hill. All the bear crawls caused YHC to lose his bearings and he needed help orienting where to go.

Partnered up for a quick Dora. 100 of each: Donkey Kicks, American Hammers alpha count and T-Bombs. Meanwhile the other partner runs up the hill and back around.


Indian Run all the way back to the flag.



I thanked the PAX for being there for me during these last 3 years. F3 is a significant part of a big transformation in my life and I’m a much happier person today.

Feathers also thanked everyone for the support given through challenging times.

Hasselhoff shared his wife was struggling after their 2nd child was recently born and hopes she’s now on the path for recovery.

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