The Return of Almiron

AO: The Shadow

When: 08/04/2020

QIC: Manhole

PAX (26): Big Apple, Billboard, Box Checker, CurveBall, Dorian, Dubya, Fireballs, FNG (Almiron), Gilligan, Gopher, GreenBean, Guard Dawg, Horny, Impala, Major, Manhole, Oompa Loompa, Potter, Radar, Rambo, Ricky Martin, Ricochet, Rosalita, SaltLick, Suds, Two Speed


Another day in the “Woody”, another group of 20 plus taking the DRP and joining YHC for a beatdown on a not so humid morning, and that’s right, another FNG (we’ll get to that in a minute).

26 in all gathered, and none left dry, and none left wanting. With that, we got it on…


All in cadence and all x15 on the 1st go round and x10 on the 2nd: Side Straddle Hop (SSH), Imperial Walkers, Low-Slow (full range of motion, but not below your knees) squats, Wind-Mills, and Floyd Mayweathers. After each set, a little plank and some quick but meaningful F3 Yoga.

Time to move

The Thang:

YHC split the PAX in two with half going this way and half going that way. All of us did a loop. Group 1 left the school to the South, headed East to to the trail, up the path, through the Vanderly parking lot, along Vanderlyn Drive, up the hill, around the front of the school and back to the lot.

Group 2 went the other way and cut out the path, because apparently they are smarter than YHC and decided that the trail was too dark today.

We all met back at the lot for Mary, Round 1, quasi-Seles style. x15 and IC, for a couple of two-fers, Roslita and Low Flutter. Roll-over for some SuperMan and 10 HRMs OYO.

And we were off, group 1 around the school to the left and group 2 around the school to the right. Meeting back at the parking lot for Mary Round 2, Roslita and Low Flutter. Roll-over for some SuperMan and 10 HRMs OYO.

And away we went one more time, with group two going to the left, and group 1 to the right (YHC likes to keep em guessing). Mary Round 3, Roslita and Low Flutter. Roll-over for some SuperMan and 10 HRMs OYO.

Everyone up and over to the curb by the trailers for a set of quick runs – 1st two, 50%, 2nd two 50% to start and finishing at 75%, 3rd two start at 75% and build to a sprint, and final two jail break, full out (with a little slowsy after each).


Time to circle it up and count em off. 26 was the count. Rambo took us out.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

FNG – F3 nicknamed Almiron in honor of his Paraguayan roots, was brought by Rosalita (love it when the new guys bring new guys).

There was discussion about Shadow being “over capacity”. The compromise for now, as there is still some reluctance for a new AO, is to split the group, but stay at one location. We will implement a 2 Q system, effective Thursday. This will only be for Tuesday and Thursday to start, as Fridays are already two or three group excursions and Saturdays are not consistently above 18…yet.

For Thursday, YHC has one group and Billboard the other. Chain-Gang has the Q for Saturday (with a Suds backup if necessary). Someone needs to step-up and Q the run and ride on Friday.

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