I Am the Captain Now

AO: The Rubicon

When: 08/04/2020

QIC: White Claw

PAX (17): Hanson, Catfish, Zima, Pellets, Lumbergh, Devito, Cookie, Miller Time, Trebek, Hasslehoff, Focker, Pinkey, Lefty, Heidi, Isner, Lil Hurt


First time back at 0500 in a few months with 6 for the pre-run.  Trebek, Pellets, Miller Time, Lefty, Pinkey, White Claw.  Lumbergh with the solo pre-run from the house.


Quick disclaimer then moseyed over to the parking lot by the FOD for WOR:

SSH, Weedpickers, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Mountain Climbers

The Thang:

Moseyed on down to the Field of Dreams for a captain takeover.

Captain America – 1:4 ratio of Burpees:Lateral Bunny Hops back and forth on the foul line all the way up to 10 Burpees and 40 Lateral Bunny Hops.  Early finishers ran laps for the six.

Captain Thor – 1:4 ratio of Big Boys:American Hammers (single count) all the way up to 10 Big Boys and 40 single count American Hammers.  We stayed together for this one so on to the next.

No cool name for this one just pulled it from the latest Sasquatch workout.  There are 4 rounds of exercises with an increasing number of reps each round (5 reps, 10 reps, 15 reps, 20 reps).  The order is SSH, 8 Count Body Builder (Burpee w/ Plank Jack), Big Boy Situp, American Hammer (single count), Flutters (single count)

Headed back to the flag for some mary:

Buzzsaw (to welcome Pellets back.  He was lost but now he is found), Diamonds, Kobes, LBCs, Dollies, and 5 Burpees to give us a total of 110 for the morning (Pinkey was trying to get us to 100 not realizing we had already surpassed it.  Cookie said it best, we do things 110%)


Prayers for Hanson’s M on her interview

Prayers for everyone affected by the virus

Prayers for our nation to come together

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Pleasure as always

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