Hello August 8/4

AO: The Galaxy

When: 08/04/2020

QIC: Sparky

PAX (9): Blue,Tweaker, Steamer, Wilson, Percy, Cha Ching, Fondue Guy and Wideright


disclaimer – Warmup

10x IC – Moroccan night clubs, A Bagodas, Weed Pickers, hillbillies, toy soldiers and imperial walkers

mosey to coupons (pair up)

The Thang:

RD 1 – Anchor – 200 side plank w/ hip dips – Runner side lunges

RD 2 – curls. Big boys – Runner Bear Crawl

RD 3 – Leg lifts – Runner Crawl Bear

Rd 4 – Bench press – Runner side lunges

Rd 5 – Heels to heaven – Runner side lunges

return coupons

mosey to flag for time


Papa Mike/Shirley – Willis Family, 2.0 in Roswell who lost both parents due to covid

Fondue Guy’s MIL recovering and Amanda!

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