DB Drills…sort of

AO: The Hooch

When: 08/03/2020

QIC: Speedo

PAX (13): Hanson, Homer, Boomer, Sunshine, Stroller, Maguire, Ball Boy, Readymix, Saint 2O, Speedo, Sugar, Meatball, Splinter


This was my first Q at the Hooch and I was hopeful I had planned a challenging workout that filled up the allotted time.  With a few audibles along the way, I think it turned out OK.  Thanks for allowing me to lead and for pushing me to get stronger in the fellowship of other men.


Moseyed to the PC parking lot near the traffic circle and warmed up:

  • 15 SSH
  • 10 slow weed pickers
  • 15 Hillbillies

Mosey to the track and around one time.

The Thang:

We started with a fun round of circle burps to get the heart pumping

Count off 1-2-1-2.  Ones went to one end of the straightaway track and started in odd-numbered lanes while twos went to the other end and started in even-numbered lanes.

  • Round 1 – Ones started with bear crawls while twos started with lunge walks.  When lane one met lane two, they switched exercises but kept going in the same direction.
  • Round 2 – Ones started with long jumps and twos started with crab walk.
  • Round 3 – Ones started with bunny hops and twos started with crawl bear
  • Since everyone knocked out rounds 1-3 so quickly, we added a bonus round 4 where each side did Lt. Dan toward the other side and just kept on going (so ~100 yds of Lt. Dans!!)

Ran a recovery lap on the track then, after a walking 10-count, we moseyed to the parking lot near the playground where we circled up for some circle mercans.  We started with a round of hand-release and then added a round of regular.  Quick mosey past the playground and pool to the bottom of the grass hill where we air chaired for the six and then bear crawled up the hill.  Planked at the top then mosey back to the traffic circle.  We circled the circle (duh) and did another round of circle mercans, this time each guy counted out three regular mercans for a nifty total of 39.

Moseyed back toward Hurricanes and, in preparation for football season, we did some DB drills using various methods that would have earned some of us (me at least) a nice spot on the bench for the entire season.  Moseyed back to the flag for so American Hammers, box cutters, LBCs, birth canals (a new one for me), and dying cockroaches, not necessarily in that order.



Hanson’s wife has final interview today (in person!)

Splinter officially starts his new job leading the Tanzanian Ministry launched out of Perimeter Church

Praise that Sugar is feeling better after running a fever last week and feeling crummy

Prayers lifted up to be reminded that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  He never changes and his Spirit lives inside each believer.  Praying that we each let God work His will in our lives today and that we each listen (i.e. be quiet sometimes) and let the Holy Spirit guide us.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks for letting me join you guys each week and for letting me lead today.  F3 has made a big and good difference in my life and each guy out there makes me stronger by simply showing up and working hard.

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