Lost in the Woods

AO: The Shadow

When: 08/01/2020


PAX (16): Big Apple, CIA, Crab Cakes, Dorian, Gilligan, Gopher, Guard Dawg, Horny, Manhole, FNG Major, Novocaine, Pit Boss, Salt Lick, Scout, Suds, Two Speed


It was YHQ’s first Saturday Q, so I was a bit nervous and didn’t sleep much.  Luckily Qdrenaline is a real thing!


We mosied up the hill to the Austin parking lot where we had a little more space.  It’s also a great place to start and close… hint, hint.

Side straddle hop 15x i.c.

Touchdown 15x i.c.

Imperial Walker 15x i.c.

Mary Katherine 15x i.c.

Monkey Humpers (where were you, Chaingang?) 15x i.c.

Windmill 15x i.c.

Rinse and Repeat

The Thang:

First exercise: bear crawl across the Austin parking lot.  Dorian tied with me.  He said that Green Bean’s bear crawl-o-rama on Tuesday improved his crawling skills.

Run down the hill to the Austin Cul-de-sac.  YHQ had an ab-burner of Mary planned:

Dying Beetle 15x i.c.

Big Boi Situps 15x o.y.o.

Dying Cockroach 15x i.c.

Advance Boat Canoe 15x i.c.

Freddy Mercury 15x i.c.

Heels to Heaven 15x i.c.

Plank 30 sec.

5 merkins

Plank 30 sec.

5 werkins

Plank 30 sec.

5 diamond merkins

Recover and run up hill to Austin driveway, 5 merkins every “no parking” sign

Crab walk to next light pole

SSH while jumping backwards uphill (Thanks Scout)

Mosey to top of Dunwoody Nature Center Hill

Partner off, first partner does series of 10 burpees, 15 squats, 20 low-lolitas

Second partner runs down Dunwoody Nature Center hill and finds an entrance to trail and runs up hill trail back to group (I decided to call this “Lost in the Woods”).  Each PAX would run the hill trail twice.  YHQ took the long route and Novocaine had to come looking for me.

Once we had recovered all PAX, we mosied down the hill to the Treehouse of Pain.  The PAX lined up on the boardwalk doing high knees, while they waited their turn on the pull-up joists.  This was nicknamed “Waiting to pee at the stadium.”  10x, 10x, 5x

Mosey back to COT with 2 minutes to spare

Enough time for high knees with intermittent Burpees until the clock struck 8 am


Welcome FNG Al Wang – nicknamed “Major”  You’ll have to ask him why.  He had heard about F3 from Green Bean, but Salt Lick was ultimately successful in bringing him this morning.

Manhole prayed for the group.

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