Over the Hill + PT Test

AO: The Bridge

When: 07/31/2020

QIC: Animal

PAX (8): Popper, Saint2O, Feathers, Homer, Splinter, Zohan, Flo, Animal


With YHC’s 40th bday on Monday, it was time to step up and provide the inaugural Animal bday beatdown. 5 PAX decided that 0530 wasn’t quite early enough, and got things kicked off with an SLR. Little did they know that they might be getting a few more miles than what they bargained for.


A short mosey to the spiral fountain, for a warm-o-rama of:

  • 15 x SSH
  • 10 x Windmill
  • 7 x little-baby arm circles + 7 x big-baby arm circles
  • 5 x reverse LBAC + 5 x reverse BBAC
  • 10 x Weedpicker

The Thang:

Another quick mosey to the memorial/monument area, with a quick announcement that we were going to be doing the Army PT test (2 min AMRAP merkins, 2 min AMRAP big-boy sit-ups, 2 mile run), and we were off. We got things started with 2 minutes of AMRAP merkins and 2 minutes of AMRAP big-boy sit ups, accompanied by a soundtrack of “Ace of Spades” (Motörhead) and “Bulls on Parade” (Rage Against the Machine) to get us in the right mindset.

After a short recovery, it was right on to the 2-mile run. While the PAX were free to use their GPS watches to pick their own route, YHC suggested a route that utilized a 1/4 mile loop through the center of the green and around the movie theater. As PAX started filtering in, we used the “downtime” to get in some planks, tempo merkins, Rosalitas, and Freddy Mercurys.

Once everyone was back, we took a short mosey over to the slide hill, for a routine that was dubbed “Over the Hill.” The original plan was to crawl-bear up the hill, though YHC  didn’t bother to actually try this beforehand. Sometimes you just have to go for it and risk falling flat on your face! Fortunately, the PAX let YHC off pretty easy, and we quickly audibled. The PAX bear crawled to the top of the hill, then crawl-beared down the other side, followed by a set of 10 squats. This was repeated for a total of 4 rounds, with squats increasing by 10 each round (10, 20, 30, 40).

We finished with a short mosey back to the monument area for a few minutes of Mary.


Prayers for guidance for Feathers as he prepares to take his career in a new direction, for our society to find common ground and unity in despite of our differing views, for all of the teachers and school administrators as they prepare to get schools started, and for Homer’s daughter as she begins her preparation for college (and big congratulations on her acceptance!)

Naked-Man Moleskin:

F3 has been an absolute game-changer for me, certainly in terms of showing me how much more I’m capable of physically, but even more so in showing me how much better I can be as a person, in all aspects of life. The organization accomplishes this simply by virtue of the people that are a part of it leading by example. Just by simply being present and listening to, and observing, those around you, you can’t help but be pushed and inspired to become a better version of yourself. I feel truly blessed to have stumbled in to an F3 workout about a year ago, without knowing anyone, or truly understanding what it was all about, and to now call so many of those people my friends, who were complete strangers just a short time back. It was a fantastic belated birthday present to have the opportunity to lead such a great group of men.

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