Not Leg Day

AO: The Hooch

When: 07/29/2020

QIC: Saint2O

PAX (15): Meatball, Hansen, Maguire, Hasselhoff, Scrooge, Boomer, Sunshine, Readymix, Flo, Splinter, Feathers, Zohan, Catfish, Ballboy, Saint2O


After such a “leg day” on Monday, YHC planned out a merkin-heavy BD for this gloomy morning at The Hooch.

A good group was gathered, with a good mix of our RNGs, so disclaimer was given, and off we went.


Stop in front of SB for some Peter Parkers and Parker Peters. That’s it for the warmup.

The Thang:

Mosey to the ATM behind SB for some ATMs, which is 15 Alternating Shoulder Taps (IC), 15 Tempo Merkins (IC), and 10 Fast Merkins (OYO).

Next, a Bear Crawl Merkin (three steps then a merkin, and so on) until we got to the middle of the parking lot.

Next, find some curb for 5-count clock merkins: Irkins, side merkins (one hand and one foot on the curb), Derkins, and other side merkins. Rinse and Repeat.

Next we circled up for some Bear Crawl Ring Of Fire Mucho Chesto. This was really fun! YHC was pretty sure the PAX loved this. Sad we didn’t have time to do the other half later.

Next, partner up for some Catch Me If You Can: Partner 1 Bernie Sanders the loop around the parking lot, while Partner 2 does 10 Hand-Release Merkins and then chases their partner to switch. Do this until each partner has done 30 HRMs.

Next a set of power merkins: one partner planks, while the other puts their feet on the partner’s back and does 10 Derkins. Switch, for two sets each. Flo had a good idea for a variation on this, so next we did it the other way, the partner with the feet on his back did 5 merkins, and switch, for two sets each (Thanks, Flo! It’s great to have a Co-Q!)

Next, we circled up for some Jack Webbs: sets of 1 merkin, and 4 raise the roofs, until you get to 10 merkins and 40 raise the roofs (it’s only air!)

Next we mosey to the covered portico for one solid set of BTTW while the partner did Al Gore.

Back to the flag for some Mary between the PAX: (I had planned Annie for this, but my mind went blank when it was my turn)

V-ups, Gas Pumper, J-Lo, Box Cutter



Prayers for gratefulness for the blessings in our lives.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always an honor to lead these HIM. YHC truly enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one!

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