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AO: Big Creek

When: 07/28/2020

QIC: @F3Inseam

PAX (4): Olaf, Snowman, Swiper, Inseam


With numbers struggling lately, YHC and a few others have decided to lock shields and hold each other accountable. With that, we also introduced Snowman to the Big Creek AO for the first time..boom!


Mosey through the parking lot, adding in a session of Bine The Fish. Circle up for Good Mornings, SSH, Cotton Mill, mosey to baseball fields.

The Thang:

YHC was wiped out after yesterday’s hills and burpees. With that in mind we proceeded with the following.

Thang 1: Vicious Circles. Head to baseball field, and complete different exercises around the bases in Indian Run fashion with last Pax sprinting to the pitchers mound to complete an exercise before heading to the front of the line.
Modes of transportation for each round, respectively, were: lunge, bear crawl, Broad jump, and mosey. Middle exercises were: merkins, star jumps, jump squats, and high knees.

Thang 2: O.P.P.

Grab a partner and a wall. P1-overhead clap and people’s chair while P2 completes 50 plank jacks.

Thang 3: Arm Work and Leg Work

4 rounds and Pax stay together. Incline Merkin then run forward up the incline path. Wide incline merkin/backwards run. Squat/forward run. Sumo Squat/backwards run.

Thang 4: Abs

Indian Run fashion. 3 Pax complete ab exercise while 4th runs around the building. Rounds were: LBC, Heel Tap LBC, break for BTTW, BBSU.


Mosey back to flag for some neck work and call it time!
Enjoyed some parking lot coffeeteria courtesy of Swiper, who has Q at the Storm Thursday for his 5 year F3 anniversary! Hope to see everyone there!

Naked Man Moleskin:

Enjoyed meeting a new PAX-Snowman. He’s another great addition to AlphaNorth. His commitment and hardwork is sure to be infectious! I look forward to many more BDs with you, brother!

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