Bruce Lee

AO: The Galaxy

When: 07/23/2020

QIC: Tweaker

PAX (8): Tweaker ChaChing Seeker Wideright Wilson Steamer Percy Sparky


Decided on something way different for this morning BD.  Decided on a MMA style workout.



We started with a quick mosey to the upper parkinglot and got started.

The Thang:

We circled up and went though as many of the below moves as possible in 45 min.

20 Jabs
20 Jab/Cross
20 Jab/Cross/UpperCut
20 Jab/Cross/UpperCut/Elbow
20 Hook/Uppercut/Hook/Uppercut/Sprawl
20 Jab Cross Hook
20 Jab Cross Hook Uppercut
20 Knee Kicks
20 Hook/Uppercut/Front Knee
20 Sprawl/Power Knees/Hook and Upper Elbow
20 High and Low Jab/Cross
20 Triple Jab/Cross/Back Knee
20 Back Kicks
20 Elbow/Hook Elbow/Back Kick
20 Jab/Cross/Sprawl/Scramble
20 Side Kicks
20 Hook Elbow/Down Elbow
20 Lead Uppercut/Hook Elbow/Snap Kick
20 Jab/Cross/Hook Elbow/Over the Top Elbow
20 Superman Punch/4-Punch Scramble/Sprawl
20 Jab/Over the Top Elbow/Crescent Kick
20 Front Leg Check/Front Snap Kick
20 Push Kick/Snap Kick
20 3 Direction Kicks
20 Jab/Cross/Sprawl/Hook/Uppercut/Sprawl

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