AO: The Shadow

When: 07/23/2020

QIC: Guard Dawg

PAX (21): Big Apple, Billboard, CIA, Chain Gang, Curveball, FNG - Vonn, FNG - Ricky Martin, Gilligan, Gopher, Man Hole, Oompla Loompa, Potter, Radar, Rambo, Rosalita, Saltlick, Sasquatch, Suds, Two Speed,Utah


On Thursday July 23rd, twenty one brave men refused the fartsack and chose to strive for greatness, rising early to meet for another free serving of grit training. We had a couple people roll in a few minutes late… your Q’s watch made a small adjustment to help so we could start as one group, together.

Let’s be better at getting to the post a few minutes earlier for a little stretch and 2nd F around the big lamp post.

Although I was a Health & PE major in college, I reminded the PAX that YHC was not a trained professional. Today was much more enjoyable teaching a workout to a group of warriors, instead of to whining first graders. However, YHC believes the counting may have been better with elementary kids. We will improve our counting skills as we go, rumor has it that Suds might incorporate some Spanish lessons into a future beatdown Q.

After proper introduction, YHC informed the PAX that rent was due. They were all happy to put the money on the table and we went to work.


Wind Mill IC x10

Stone Mountain IC x10



Wind Mill IC x8

SLOW Stone Mountain IC x5

Side Straddle Hop IC x10

Moroccan Table Dancers IC x5

(This is a pickup from Jacksonville F3 that YHC learned on vacation – we may want to keep this one this one on the down-low to the other halves)(Also must keep reps on this very low, you never know when things could get out of hand)

The Thang:

Mosey out the back entrance on Womack, right on Vermack running in front of the school. Turn right into the second entrance, meet at lower walls near the tennis courts.

Half of the men on each side, plank for the six.

Next we attacked wall sits. We counted by 1’s, 100’s, and 1,000’s. Everyone did a great job with their counting! Counting numbers sure is neat. In between sets we did planks with arm and leg raised sprinkled into the mix.

-SLOW Merkins IC x5

Mosey to the bottom of Vanderlyn Valley.

-Lunges up the hill for 10 reps OYO.

-CIA’s Bear Crawl for a few brief period of time.


-Lunges & Bear Crawls down the hill.

Mosey to bleachers.

-Merkins IC x10

-11’s Thank The Heavens – Was today’s single drop from the critically acclaimed musical group Step Up Crew, also featuring side act Dips For Dayz. (10SU+1D, 9SU+2D, 8SU+3D) This grind was was done OYO.

-Plank for the six.

Mosey down around the fence and head to the starting cones for our 110’s training.

Three groups today and their challenge times:

-Golden Eagles 18 Seconds

-White Hawks 20 Seconds

-Orange Ducks 22 Seconds

We did reps at 60%, 70%, 75%, 80%, and 90% speed. Everyone had strong performances.

On the curve by the field house we did 5 Hand Release Merkins, 10 DEEP Squats, 15 arm air presses overhead all OYO. We quickly hurried back to the cones for the next heat of races. On the baseball field curve we paid our respects to our rock n roll legend, Freddie Mercury. We also did a set of High Dolley (Rosalita’s)

We moseyed up to the hidden field for one quick fun activity as time was escaping us.

Football is hopefully just right around the corner. With the promise of that looming in the air, we went full summer camp mode. We attacked the freshly watered grass for some up-downs. I apologize to everyone’s wives for getting grass in the car.

Video footage of what I thought we looked like:

With no time for rest, we escaped to the hidden “Remember The Titans” trail behind the baseball field, and ran all the way back to the flag stick. The planked for the six and completed a round of Grateful Dead in honor of Seles who’s still on IR.

We extended the workout time a few minutes for the whole PAX to make it out of the woods.

FNG Ricky Martin stopped to pour himself a beautiful glass of 1991 Guard Dawg’s Splash Merlot in the middle of the woods.

That being a tasty end to the workout, he battled the elements and pressed forward. The PAX cheered as he emerged from the wild and finished back at the Circle of Trust.



A warm welcome to our two FNG’s Vonn & Ricky Martin.



Curveball took us out. Thank you for letting me lead. Everyone did and excellent job. Rent has been paid.

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