Thundermeat Training

AO: The Norseman

When: 07/21/2020

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (4): Callahan, Crikey, Jethro, Nacho Libre


With a little more than a month away from the next Thundermeat event YHC thought today would be a great day for some training.


Callahan and I took off early for a prerun.  Planned on going by Jethro’s house but Callahan wanted an audible so we took the loop around and we pulled in right at 5:30.  Jethro and Crikey were just finishing their breakfast meeting.  We were off and not really time for a warm-up.

The Thang:

Now the goal for the thunder meat training was to get a mile in every 15 minutes.  Now with this only being enough time for 3 miles YHC decided to throw some cinders in there as well.

We headed to the track and everyone grabbed their own cinder blocks.  We dropped the cinder blocks off and took three laps around the track and that was our first mile.

After the first mile 50 bench press, 50 rows, 50 press, and 50 curls.

Rinse and repeat for Mile two.

For the 3rd mile we took three laps around the track and did 40 of all the exercises.  that gave us enough time to drop off our cinder blocks and headed back to the flag for a couple minutes of Mary.




Prayers for Crikeys friends family in Texas.  He was hit by an 18 wheeler while helping someone change a flat.

Prayers for Jethro’s M as she travels to PA to see her father with the 2.0s.  Her father is battling cancer.

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