Crabs, bears and in between

AO: The Gladiator

When: 07/21/2020

QIC: Zohan

PAX (10): Delicious, Shrinkage, Spandex, Tebow, Postal, Brownie, Black Box, DC2, Shiner, Zohan


We run to the area in between the baseball fields for IC 12xWeed Pickers, 10xMerkins, 12xImperial Walkers, 10xWide Merkins and 10xDips. Some PAX noticed Spandex’s car arriving late and run to the parking lot to meet hi,. We finished the warm up and run toward them, then to the soccer field. In the middle of the field we completed the warm up with a Burpeee circle, doing SSH till the next PAX calls Down. There were some loooong intervals of SSH. Either PAX love jumping or hate going down. Dunno.

The Thang:

Bears vs. Crabs

Split into groups of 3. PAX #1 of each group runs to one end of the soccer field and bear crawls toward the middle. PAX #2 runs to the other end and Crab Walks toward the middle. PAX #3 runs back and forth between them till all 3 meet. Then rotate roles and start again. A few groups were able to do a 4th round before YHC’s group was done and called recover.



We moseyed to the wall and partnered up. One partner runs to the small hill near the baseball field and back down while other partner works out – 150 of each: Donkey Kicks, BBSU, Bonnie Blairs and Sumo Squats.


Final Touches

10 IC Diamond Merkins. 10 IC No Surrenders. Moseyed to the flag. OYO Stagger Merkin 10 Left and 10 Right. IC 15xRosalita.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always and honor and pleasure to workout with the Gladiator Crew and lead when possible.

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