Chest Explosion

AO: The Rubicon

When: 07/21/2020

QIC: White Claw

PAX (14): Isner, Fanny Pack, Heidi, Hasslehoff, Trebek, Miller Time, Devito, Feathers, Top Hat, Lefty, Pinkey, Pitstop, Lil Hurt


7 for the pre-run up Rucker Road.  Lefty (trying to get back to regular status), Miller Time, Devito, Pinkey, Pitstop, Hasslehoff, and White Claw


Short disclaimer then mosey over to the parking lot at the top of the hill for some SSH, Weed Pickers, Imperial Walkers, and Hillbillies IC.

The Thang:

Headed to the Field of Dreams for some Jack Pumps after partnering up.  Both partners get down in plank position and alternate doing 5 merkins at a time.  All PAX do AMRAP until at least one partner reaches merkin failure.  The exercise calls for each team that reaches merkin failure to do walking lunges around the remaining teams.  In order to keep our distance we did lunges in place or away from the group.  Devito and Hasslehoff were the last team standing and although there was no official count they must’ve done at least 50 merkins a partner, maybe more.

Next we headed over to the playground for a little Morning Call.  All PAX line up in plank position while one PAX at a time gets up and does 5 pull ups while remaining PAX in plank position do 5 merkins.  Keep going until all PAX do pull ups.  Number of total merkins per PAX cam out to be 65.

After everyone was awake after all the merkins we moseyed back to the parking lot we started at for some 11’s.  Started with 10 Mike Tyson’s bear crawl across the parking lot for 1 Alpha count Shoulder Tap then Crab Walk back.  Next reps would be 9 Mike Tyson’s/2 Alpha count Shoulder Taps and so on until 1 Mike Tyson and 10 Shoulder Taps.  PAX finishing early did some Mary.

2 minutes to go time to head back to the flag.


Congrats to Heidi’s youngest getting baptized

Prayers for those affected by the virus

Prayers for White Claw as his family transitions to a new house

Sasquatch 0600 at the Wreck on Saturday 7/25

Beer Mile 1600 at the Wreck on Saturday 7/25

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Just announced in the COT that I sold my house this past weekend which was the last thing I expected to be doing as the week was coming to a close.  It’s not something that came out of the blue as we had been talking about it for a year or two but the timing happened very quickly.  It’s a little bittersweet as I know this will be better for my family in the long run but I have lived in Alpharetta for over 20 years and have built many long lasting relationships.  I feel like after a few pushes that I found F3 at the right time in my life and know I will never stop attending these workouts wherever I end up.  I was able to articulate in my last BB what joining F3 has done for my life and I will continue on that path to be a better man, friend, father, husband, and community member.  Still unsure at this moment where we will ultimately end up because that is a little open ended until we find a house or lot.  My folks live in the Canton area so that is likely where I will start posting for the next year until we figure out the next step in our journey.  Although I won’t be a regular (Lefty can have my spot) I will definitely make some appearances every now and then.  Also as long as Thundermeat keeps doing their thing I will always be ready for their events plus any other csaup stuff.  Thanks for the good times and great memories.

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