Monday Funday

AO: Halo

When: 07/20/2020

QIC: Wideright

PAX (6): Sparky, Steamer, Tweaker, Forrest and Sprout



10x reps IC:

A Bagoda

Moroccan Night Clubs

Weed Pickers


mtn climbers

shoulder taps

mosey to pavillion

The Thang:

Fav Q shout outs, 2 rounds:

1 Pax calls out exercise, runs a lap and remaining 5 Pax do exercise until 1 Pax returns – Round 1

Round 2 the same, except stair steps for 1 Pax on deck for the run

recover for 10x count

up the ladder with 6 exercises (with a lap in between)

10x squats, run a lap and air chair for the 6

10x squats and 20x balls to the walls, run a lap and air chair for the 6

…. 30x stn mtn’s…. 40x step ups….50x hammers and finaly to 60x dying cockroaches (actually got to 30x and then headed to the flag for time)


Papa Mike Chemo, Shirley for pancreatic/colon cancer, Fondue Guys MIL, Tim Gelarden (passed away yesterday unexpectedly, left behind M, 2x 2.0’s (daughters 18 and 16)) continued discipleship and peace

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