Back to basics

AO: Bad Apple

When: 07/20/2020

QIC: Sprocket

PAX (8): Rusty, Swamp Donkey, Woody, Brutus, Heidi, GOAT, Ollie


YHC was still recovering from a week away up north with its cool temp’s, sweets and lax schedule when a message was received Sunday evening from a certain PAX to see if I could swap places with him on the Q sheet…no problem!  Not trying to get too fancy, YHC decided on a workout where the exercises were simple AND delivered a good workout.


With the disclaimer given, the bright-eyed PAX circled up for some Mtn climbers, SSH’s and windmills. 10-15 reps of each IC. knowing that part of the WO would service as the remainder of the Warm-O-Rama, YHC explained the WO parameters and led the PAX to the trail.  Somewhere in the distance, a lone Toyota V-8 howled…Donkey was coming into the the AO hot!

The Thang:

4 basic exercises were involved: Merkins, WW1 sit-ups, squats and running in between sets.  The PAX began with 25 rep’s of each at the start, then, ran .5 miles to the parking lot near the soccer fields for 30 rep’s of each, ran .5 miles, did 35 rep’s, ran .5 miles, reduced rep’s to 30 of each, a final .5 mile run was made before the final set of 25 rep’s each was completed.

With approximately 10 minutes left on the clock, several PAX that finished first and YHC ran back along the trail to pick up the 6’s.  After a couple of minutes were spent backtracking, YHC couldn’t spot the 6’s but surmised they could be too far from the front of the AO and would eventually return to the start.

In the meantime, YHC kept the remaining PAX busy with planks, toe-touch Merkins and single-leg donkey kicks and SSHs.  Once the 6’s were spotted, YHC led the PAX to its starting place and polished things off with oblique crunches (15 per side), Freddie Mercuries and Diamond Push Ups before time ran out.


Pro Tip: when on vacation, maintain some form of exercise other than ice cream and beer runs (otherwise, one’s likely to be in for an unpleasant surprise when trying to resume one’s regular workout routine).  Always an honor to be in the company of and lead such outstanding men.  Sprocket out.

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