Coupons, Corners and Comets

AO: The Bridge

When: 07/17/2020

QIC: Homer

PAX (8): Homer, Feathers, Meat Ball, Puff Daddy, Maguire, BRD, Birdie, Popper

The Thang:

YHC has been trying to see the Comet Neowise in early mornings lately, but alas nothing… He thought we’d give it one more chance to find the Comet before it leaves for 6800 years. Best location is top of the PTC parking deck.

C is for CUSACK

Each level of the deck would use the coupon or weight you brought. 25 arm curls at lower level. CUSACK to the next level (Holding weight above head… a’la John Cusack holding radio in Say Anything.) 25 Chest Press next to Lazy Dog… CUSACK a level. 25 Over Head Press, CUSACK. Ended at top level with 25 more arm curls.

Weights down and time for some 4 corner action.

O is for Outlaws

4 corners with 25 reps per corner. Run between corners.

M is for Monkey Humpers 

4 corners with 25 reps per corner. Run between corners.

E is for E2K

4 corners with 25 reps per corner. Switch sides at each corner to work both sides of abs. Run between corners.

T is for T-Bombs

4 corners with 10 reps per corner (YHC hates T-bombs, but there aren’t many T exercises in the Exicon… 10 per corner is definitely enough for this one anyway) Run between corners.

10 count. Grab your weight. Descend the staircase closest to Lazy Dog and head back towards flag. Along the way, the PAX in the back received some whistles and cat calls from some early morning PTC employees. You just never know what will happen at an F3 beatdown.

Back at flag for a full 1-10/4-40 count Jack Webb. It’s only air.

Quick mosey around the town green to Veterans Memorial for 6 minutes of mary.



Praise for meatball real estate happenings. Prayers for our nation.

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