Did I Catch a Niner in There?!

AO: The Rubicon

When: 07/14/2020

QIC: Cookie @blunsford4

PAX (16): Focker, Shirley, Milli Vanilli, Lil Hurt, Pinkey, Lumbergh, Zima, Fanny Pack, Trebek, MillerTime, Pitstop, Waffles, Lefty, White Claw, FNG Walkie Talkie


YHC made a big push to get the FNG Windjammer crew out to the Rubicon in order to finally name them.  Lots of big talk ensued, but only 1 showed up.  Not to worry, we had work to do in the Gloom.  It went something like this:


7 for the pre-run made it back in time for a quick disclaimer and off we went.  Mosey over to the pool parking lot for Karaoke right down one aisle and Karaoke left down the other.  Circle up for a fun game of 21’s due to the large crew.  YHC counted SSH in cadence to 5, then the PAX had to count silently and halt at 21 all together or else we would pay a burpee toll as a group.  We had 2 rounds and both times we paid a toll.  One would think the FNG or RNG’s would be the cause of the toll paid, but not to be.  Without naming names, the culprit was the Site Q (aka Pinkey).

Next up on the long Warmup routine was Bat Wings.  YHC counted 4 arm exercises to 20 in cadence without letting your arms down.  Forward arm circles, backward arm circles, overhead clap & seal clap.  MillerTime admittedly couldn’t hang.

The Thang:

Off we went on a mosey to the back, hidden playground for a not so traditional Dora.  Partner up for:

  • 50 pull-ups
  • 100 swerkins
  • 150 squats

We headed back to the pool parking lot and grabbed a coupon for Rock Suicides.

  • Start on one side, run to the first island with coupon, perform 15 curls and 15 shoulder press
  • Leave your coupon, head back to start and do 3 burpees
  • Suicide-style advancing your rock to each island, then heading back to start for burpees

Time running out, we dropped our rocks and headed back to the flag for 1 MOM.  LBC style.


Prayers were spoken for MillerTime’s best friend from high school who lost his battle with addiction over the weekend.  Talks of upcoming CSAUP events were mentioned as well as keeping the Rubicon at 6am until at least 8/1, then we will re-evaluate the start time.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

TCLAPS to Zima for sporting the weighted vest throughout the whole beatdown.  Happy belated birthday!  Welcome FNG Brian Henson, aka Walkie Talkie.  Name originated from his alma mater UNC – Charlotte 49ers, someone mentioned a “niner” was spoken, so Walkie Talkie was naturally given.  Most PAX stuck around for parking lot coffeeteria and great fellowship.

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