Celebrating 36 with a crowd

AO: The Shadow

When: 07/14/2020


PAX (24): Big Apple, Billboard, Chain Gang, CIA, Dr. Seuss (FNG), Dunder, Gilligan, Gopher, Guard Dawg, Horny, Impala, Lutefisk, Manhole, Potter, Rambo, Ricochet, Rosalita, Salt Lick, Sasquatch, Scout, Snake Oil, Stripper, Suds, Two Speed (Alphabetized thanks to Manhole)


A very large group came out for a cool morning beat down courtesy of CIA.  Having turned 36 on Sunday, YHQ was excited to celebrate his birthday in the best way he knows how.


Side Straddle Hop 15x i.c.

Merkins 15x i.c.

Windmill 15x i.c.

Mountain Climber 15x i.c.

Monkey Humpers (courtesy of Chain Gang) 15x i.c.

Rinse and Repeat

The Thang:

Mosey down gravel road to track.

Run one and a half laps, squats for the six.

Mosey up stairs to secret field.

Bear crawl across field; We have a new bear crawl champion!  Lutefisk is about twice as fast as YHQ (you have to see it to believe it).

Mosey to fake grass, plank for the six.

Ladder 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 with turkish get ups and pull ups.

Freddie Mercury 35x i.c.

Mosey up Trumbull Drive and down Hensley Drive with two stops for 10x burpees oyo.

Bear crawl/crab walk up the Vanderlyn Drive hill, Al Gore for the six.

Curb dips 15x i.c.

Fast mosey back to COT.


We named FNG Kevin Hughes, Dr. Seuss.  The computer science teacher at Dunwoody Elementary, he became famous for his lock down story time for the students.

I think Rambo prayed today, but I apologize if I misremembered in my post-workout exhaustion.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I am happy to help anyone prepare for their first Q.  Please reach out!

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