Wolverine Suicide Escalator

AO: The Grindstone

When: 07/08/2020

QIC: Hushpuppy

PAX (4): Snowman, Deuce, Hushpuppy, FNG (now named Chinstrap)


Since COVID-19 began, I’ve been running Qs in our neighborhood with 3-4 HIMs and 2 of their 2.0s.  Eventually a couple fellas picked up the Q on a few occasions, which was nice, and we’ve been at it for 3 months or so.  One of those PAX came today as a FNG and is now affectionately known as Chinstrap.  One of the many discoveries I made while Qing so often over the past few months was the Wolverine.  Administired at the right level produces pure pain.  I got to unleash it upon the PAX at Grindstone today (after the disclaimer, which I printed out this time as to not leave any item unsaid).


Mosey around outside of football field, then back to post for warmups.

Imperial Walkers, Weed Pickers and Good Mornings were in store.

The Thang:

We then moseyed to the football field for the “Wolverine suicides escalator”, which is a 20 yd suicide followed by 2 wolverines back at the goal line, then a 40 yd suicide/4 wolverines, 60 yds/6, 80 yds/8, 100 yds/10.  The last 5 reps proved effective as they nearly made us throw up.

Next up was Broad Jump BBSUs to the 50 yd line, which is 1 broad jump followed by 1 BBSU, 2 broad jumps followed by 2 BBSU, etc. until PAX reached the 50 yd line.

In order to get back to the goal line, we took on Lunge Walk LBCs (lunge walk 10 yds followed by 10 LBCs, lunge walk another 10 yds/ 20 LBCs, etc. until PAX made it back to goal line.

We then grabbed a coupon and headed to the back of the endzone for “The Hodor – Dora style”.  For The Hodor, you hold the coupon in front of you, arms straight, squat, stand, rotate the block over your head to a skull crusher position, squat, stand, rotate the block back in front with arms straight. That’s 1 rep.  50 reps Dora style while other PAX ran to 50 yd line and back.

Next up was Colt 45s field of dreams style across the end-zone: 2 PAX did 15 curls, 15 chess presses on one sideline of the endzone, meanwhile the other 2 PAX AMRAP’d skull crushers & bent over rows until PAX made it across the end zone to them while carrying the coupon over their heads across end zone. Repeat 2 sets.

We closed with Coupon squats in the round – each PAX assumed air chair position with coupon while 1 PAX bangs out 20 coupon squats. Rotate coupon squats “in the round”.
Last was Coupon BBSU in the round – each PAX assumed air chair position with coupon while 1 PAX bangs out 20 coupon BBSU. Rotate coupon BBSU “in the round”.


Continued prayers for Snowman’s family as they grieve the loss of his younger brother.  Praises for Chinstrap’s sister as she continues to recover from spinal surgery.  Praises for Deuce as his family continues to settle in their new home and community.  Prayers for yours truly in my search for employment.

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