2 steps up and 1 back

AO: The Norseman

When: 07/07/2020

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (7): Haha, Hot Sauce, Callahan, TMI, Jethro, Nacho Libre, and Dr Rico (FNG)


With the current increase in the covid-19 it just feels like the year 2020 is one step up and two steps back.  YHC decided to model the Q that way. I pulled up one time didn’t have to make a pit stop grab the flag and gave the disclaimer as I was planting.


MOSI towards the upper parking lot for a few side straddle hops, lunges and weed pickers.  Then we are off to turf field number 2.

The Thang:

So we started at the 50-yard line.  Everybody assumed bear crawl position we bear crawl one yard forward did a Merkin then we took to bear crawls backwards and did a shoulder tap.  We continued at this pace until we got to 11.

Next up we took a lap in back to the 50.  This time we jumped forward one yard and lunged backwards two yards.  We did this for a while and then with a change of plans increased accordingly until we made it to the end zone.

After we took another lap we started in the end zone and did a burpee and broad jump combo until we made it to the 50-yard line.


We moseyed over to the pavilion found the wall did some durkins step-ups and inrkins.

The paxheaded back toward the flag but we couldn’t end on a downhill so we ran to the bottom by the lake and did one last Sprint up the hill.

When we made it up to the top of the hill we took a detour through the school with a few stops on the way and then end with a couple rounds of lieutenant Dan.


Thankful to leave this group of men and prayers for our country.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Our FNG Dr. Rico might be the smartest member of the Norseman and definitely our only doctor (PhD).  Thanks to the Eric out there that EH’d him.  Do we know any Eric’s?  Flo?

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