Rambo’s Repeat

AO: The Shadow

When: 07/07/2020

QIC: Rambo

PAX (16): Impala (welcome back), Green Bean, Manhole, Curve Ball, Salt Lick, Bill Board, "W" , Dorian, Sunshine, Scout, CIA, Guard Dawg, Richochet, FNG - Gopher, Sasquatch, Rambo


Rambos Repeat – Q’d at the Shadow last Thursday 7/2 and today

Despite the threat of rain (and that is all it was), 16 brave souls showed up in the gloom at the DHS Shadow.


At the curb – high knees to the curb, butt kickers to the light post.  Bear crawl back to the center curb, lunge walk to the starting curb.  REPEAT.
Circle Up:
Side Straddle hop, Merkins, Floyd Mayweather – 10 I.C. – REPEAT

The Thang:

Mosey to the Mary Pit by the DHS theater:
Low flutters, LBC’s, Mason Twists – 15 I.C. – Plank and REPEAT
Bear Crawl up to the Tennis Court Stop line.
Mosey to the Football Field where 10 flag markers were placed about 7-8 yds apart progressing up the field:
At the end zone line do 5 squat thrusts, then run out to first flag and do 10 merkins
Run back to end zone and do 5 squats , then run out to the second flag and do 10 merkins,
Run back to the end zone and do 5 squats,  then run out to the third flag and do 10 merkins,
Run back , repeat until the PAX hit all 10 flags and back.  Lick Suicides or Escalations in High School.  Total of 50 squat thrusts, and 100 merkins, with a little running in between
Mosey back to the Mary Pit by the Theater:
Low flutters, LBC’s, Mason Twists – 12 I.C. – Plank and REPEAT
Mosey to the wood benches:
Dips and Step Ups – 12 I.C. – REPEAT
Mosey back to the starting curb:
High knees to center curb, 5 merkins, Butt Kickers to the light pole, 5 merkins
Total of 200 merkins during todays work out – plus some bear crawl!!  Good job Gents!!


Manhole took us out:  prayers for peace and sanity, be with those brothers and those around us struggling and pressing on, healing for Radar and another brother. Boxchecker, with a broken toe (?) from fishing or phishing, not sure which…or how, anyway a speedy recovery.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

FNG – Rick Otness now “Gopher”, copied on this email.  Hails from Minnesota (hence Gopher), worked for postal service, UPS, very active in the Dunwoody community, 70 years old – War Daddy!!

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