Happy Dozen

AO: The Gladiator

When: 07/07/2020

QIC: Spandex

PAX (12): Stroller, Raspberry Pie, Brownie, Hitchcock, Tebow, BlackBox, Delicious, Wicka Wicka, Defcon 2, Speedo, Shiner, Spandex


The PAX took a short mosey to the parking lot behind the gymnasium where we performed the warm-up of:

15 SSH, 10 Toy Soldiers

The Thang:

After the short warm-up, the PAX took a short mosey the pitch.  We all gathered at one corner for a quick briefing of what was to come.

Lap 1:  7 Never Surrenders at each corner.  Run the long sides of the field and bear crawl the short sides.

Lap 2:  14 Mercans at each corner.  Run the long sides of the field and crab walk the short sides.

Lap 3:  21 Squats at each corner.  Run all sides.

Lap 4:  28 Mountain Climbers, single count, at each corner.  Run all sides.

We were done with this series of exercises, but we still had plenty of time left to suffer!  We left the pitch and headed towards hurl hill at the back of the park.  All PAX picked up a coupon, some larger than others, and gathered at the speed bump at the base of the hill.  We partnered up and performed the following:

  1.  AMRAP Curls while partner ran the hill. X2
  2. AMRAP Overhead Press while partner ran the hill.
  3. AMRAP Bent Over Rows while partner ran the hill.

We were running low on time so we all returned our coupons and headed back to the flag.  Once we circled up, Mary was called.  We ran some more in between sets and ended up with a total of about 2.7 miles when all was said and done.




Continued prayers for those affected by Covid-19.

Stroller attempted to recruit for The Sasquatch Challenge by somewhat downplaying the level of difficulty.  We’ll see if his recruiting strategy pays off.

Tebow awarded Shiner with a Pocket Gladiator for his VQ last week.  That’s probably the greenest VQ we’ve had thus far.  Well done, Shiner!!!

The Q sheet is good for next week, but we need some more Qs to come forward.  If you haven’t led in a while, now’s your chance…

Naked-Man Moleskin:

As always, it was a pleasure to lead.  I never take these opportunities for granted.  Thank You!!

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