3 if by Marta

AO: The Galaxy

When: 07/07/2020

QIC: Wideright

PAX (7): Fondue Guy, Tweaker, Steamer, Sparkey, Blue and FNG



10x A Bagodas

14x Imperial Walkers

12x Weedpickers

15x Moroccan Night Clubs

12x Hillbillies

Time to mosey through the woods to Fullers Park



The Thang:

Marta Rails up and Down (3 if by Marta-lanterns,,,,,get it?!?!?!) credit to Fondue Guy for the name 🙂

in between rails, 20x swuats and 30s LBC’s

rinse and repeat 3 more times, then mosey to upper parking lot back at E Cobb Park

relay time – fill the buckets with gravel

2x teams – member 1 runs with shovel, one scoop only and returns while others do \following exercises till bucket is full:

merkins, Hammers, squats, LBC’s, dying cockroach, presses, monkey humpers and STH’s

buckets full, time for a hot lap

relay time to empty buckets, mosey to flag for Mary

J Lo’s for 10x and HAmmers for time!


prayers for Papa Mike, Joanna, Shirley and mental health

Nameorama – Buddy (FNG) – Welcome Forrest!!!!

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