The Q Loves It When a Plan Comes Together

AO: The Hooch

When: 07/06/2020

QIC: Homer

PAX (10): Pooh Bear, Ball Boy, Popper, Animal, Scrooge, Saint20, Homer, Birdie, Speedo, Splinter


No FNGs so no lengthy instructions or preamble. Standard instructions to modify the exercises where necessary. You know your limitations,  Push yourself, but don’t get hurt… and please don’t sue the Q.

Quick Mosey to the defunct Crab Spot. Hillbillies, Weedpickers, Imperial Walkers.

Mosey down hill toward our standard State Bridge Cross walk. Air Chair until we had a clear window to cross. Mosey down towards John’s Creek High School sidewalk.

Mid Mosey Halt to do a quick 7 Merkins. Mumblechatter that Q needs to have his brake lights fixed.

Resume Mosey towards Sidewalk.

The Thang:

Thang 1:

Lunge walk first 5 light poles. 7 (4count) mountain climbers at each pole. We will meet up at the bridge.

Thang 2:

11’s here at the bridge. LBCs and V-Ups. Mumblechatter about how dark it is. Note to contact John’s Creek maintenance and submit a work ticket to fix the far side bridge light pole. There may have been a mumblechatter or 2 about the potential for ants… YHC didn’t see any (though it was hard to see as dark as it was.)

Recover and Mosey around corner with block retaining wall on left and stop.

Thang 3:

AMRAP with teams of 5. Team 1 would AMRAP a 7-second Balls to the wall, 7 WW1 sit-ups and 7×4 count flutter kicks. AMRAP while Team 2 runs the remainder of the sidewalk until wall ends… then climb the grassy hill to the fence and back down and back to team 1. Switch out and repeat.

Recover run continuing down sidewalk. Halt at halfway point of wall. We’ll do that AMRAP again.

Recover run continuing down sidewalk to end of wall. We’re going to do that AMRAP again… although this time, the running team will only have to go up and down the hill seven times. Everyone stay safe… Maintenance needs to get a mower out to that hill, and you don’t want to turn an ankle or faceplant going up or down.

The PAX were smoked at this point, so we slow mosey Indian Run back toward flag. Homer leading way. After Homer got back to the front YHC called a halt for 7 more merkins.

Resume Indian run.

Homer got back to the front this time and called a halt and had some planking in mind. Hold regular plank 7 long seconds. Elbow plank 7 seconds. Regular plank 7 seconds. Spread Leg Plank 7 seconds.

Resume Indian Run.

Once more after Homer got  back to the front there was another halt for a second round of the plank routine. By this time, we had crossed street and resumed back up the hill toward the flag.

Quick on your six for some Dying Cockroach, American Hammer, and Gas Pumper. Time was called.


Prayers for Pooh Bear. Especially his mother in law. Prayers as they leave us and start a new adventure as a family. We’ll see him again.

Continue to pray for our nation and the leaders running it.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This was a fun one to plan and lead. Normally, something goes wrong or not how it was planned for YHC… but this one felt like a strong workout, kept the PAX together, and timing was exactly as planned.

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