Good ole’ fashioned beatdown

AO: Firehouse

When: 07/06/2020

QIC: Mouth to Mouth

PAX (4): Krystal, Picker, Mouth to Mouth, FNG Script Kitty


The planned Q (won’t mention any names… Olaf cough cough) lost to the Fartsack this morning so our guest, Mouth-to-Mouth volunteered to take the Q.






We moseyed for a bit around the parking lot for some Sungods, Side straddle hop, Weedpickers, & copperhead squats.

The Thang:

Mosey on down to lower parking lot and prepare for the first set of 11’s – burpees & merkins. The run in between included just enough of a hill to get the blood pumping.
Another little mosey to the pavilion for another set of 11’s – dips and step ups. The PAX were spared from a run in this set but the PAX had a sneaking suspicion that Mouth-to-Mouth had something up his sleeve.
Figuring we wouldn’t go for another round, we moseyed on down to the grass by the turf fields. To our surprise, you guessed it, another set of 11’s – Plank Jacks & Big Boy Sit-ups with a special dose of fun with a backwards run up the hill each set.
This left just enough time for a quick Mary with some round-robin of American Hammer, Flutters, Robin Ventura & shoulder taps.


Some good news with Krystal’s brother-in-law agreeing to go to rehab and starting today. Prayers for the PAX to continue leading by example in their families, workplaces, & community.
Welcome FNG Logan who was given the F3 name Script Kitty. Big thanks to Mouth-to-Mouth for introducing us to Script Kitty & making the trek from the Rubicon.

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