Super 21s on 5 Corners

AO: The Norseman

When: 07/02/2020

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (6): Jethro, Callahan, Nacho Libre, TMI, Olaf and Ha-ha


Always looking for a new twist on a workout idea, I had an idea for a 4 corners with a Super 21 count but on the way to the AO inspiration struck. Use coupons and make it 5 corners… in a rectangle. It could work!

We had a surprise at the flag that wasn’t there. No that wasn’t the surprise. Olaf pulled up to the AO to join the Norsemen this morning! It has been a while since I have seen Olaf from the northern reaches of Forsyth County. Welcome. And then surprise number 2… no Nacho Libre. We listened for the sound of the mighty Ram V8 but didn’t hear it. Well, he can find his way around the AO.


Disclaimer and we are off. Ran up to the “Big Lot” for:

  • SSH
  • Weed Pickers
  • Imperial Walkers


The Thang:

Off to the swamp to pick out a coupon. There are some REALLY BIG coupons in that pick. Choose carefully.

Super 21s 5 Corners

5 exercises this morning. 2 with coupons and 3 without.

Start at corner #1 of the Big Lot for 1 curl with the coupon then carry your coupon to the second corner for 1 overhead press. Leave your coupon and run to corner #3 for 1 Merkin, then at corner #4 for 1 Squat then back to corner #1 for 1 BBSU. Run back to the coupons that were left at corner #2 and for the second round perform 2 reps of each exercise again carrying the coupon from the Curl corner to the Press corner. Continue the progression until you reach 21 reps of all exercises… or until time runs out. The PAX made it to either the 11th or 12th round.

We returned the coupons to the swamp and mosied back to the flag for 21 reps of LBCs. At least we made it to 21 of something!


BRR. Need a runner.

Prayers for those dealing with COVID. Job loss, sickness, stress, etc.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Nacho DID find us on about round #2. One of the few guys I know that will run 2 miles to an F3 workout, hit it hard for 45 minutes then run 2 miles back!

Jethro is starting to make the rest of us F3 regulars look bad. Good work!

Missing Birdie, Pumba, Delta, Groupie, Hot Sauce, Peyton… Where you at? We have reserved a space for you!

I can neither confirm nor deny that I had the biggest rock today. You have to post to find out.

90s playlist this morning for the 30 something crowd. It made them feel young again. I guess.

3.1 miles running in a rectangle this morning while lifting heavy things. Good work, men!

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