Stone Mountain Dominance

AO: The Shadow

When: 07/02/2020

QIC: Chaingang

PAX (16): Sap and Manchester - Visiting from AO Gladiator in Roswell Rosalita Sasquatch Bill Board Dubya Primetime FNG - Wahoo Curveball Potter Scout Guard Dawg Manhole Green Bean Ricochet


F3 Field Trip to Stone Mountain to conquer the 1 mile trail to the top. We were joined by FNG, Wahoo from Lousiana, as well as Sap and Manchester from AO Gladiator. We seemed to multiply as we ascended the rock.


– Side Straddle Hop 10x IC
– Windmill 10x IC
– Imperial Walkers 10x IC
– Side Straddle Hop 10x IC
– Cotton Picker 15x IC
– 20x Stone Mountains

The Thang:

Thang 1
– Ascend Stone Mountain, rotating carrying of shovel flag

Thang 2
– 11s, Stone Mountains and Sumo Squats

Thang 3
– Enjoy the glory of God and His creation with the sunrise on top of Stone Mountain. Conducted COT in this beautiful setting as well, naming Wahoo and prayer from Curveball.

Thang 4
– Photo Op

Thang 5
– Descend Stone Mountain with Manchester demanding additional work on the way down: 20x dips, 20x burpees and 20x step ups. Waiting on the 6, we did merkins and dips. Finished with 10, burpees for all.


A good amount of us fit in coffeeteria, on a weekday, By God!

Great event, thanks for making the extra time for a good trip. Perhaps this requires a repeat?

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