A morning stroll and some BOMBS

AO: Firehouse

When: 07/01/2020

QIC: Reuben

PAX (2): Krystal, Reuben


I decided to make the trek to Firehouse a little earlier than normal to get some mileage in.  Krystal and I had planned earlier the day before to get in the extra work at 0500.  We moseyed right at 5 into the gloom.


After our 30 min mosey we stopped for a quick 10 count and waited for other PAX to show……but to no avail.

Another long mosey around the upper lot for warm up:

  • SSH
  • weed picker
  • Imperial walker
  • Bird dog

The Thang:

Hit the upper soccer field for a few ATM’s:

  • 10 shoulder taps IC
  • 10 copper head merkins IC
  • 10 regular merkins IC

*Hold plank in between sets all continuous

Next we started at the end zone for some BOMBS and partnered up!

50 burpees/100 OC/150 merkins/200 BBS/250 squats

P1 does reps while P2 runs 200 yds.

*YHC had a memory lapse and did BBS before merkins so we had to back track.

Thang 2

Head over to rock pile for some heavy coupons and some arm work:

  • 15 curls-upper half
  • 15 full
  • 15 skull crushers

*All IC





Mary consisted of Flutters, W’s, and leg lifts.


Continued prayers for Krystal’s brother in law and addiction issues.  Rehab to hopefully start soon.  Prayers that he would realize his problem and face it head on.  We all need community as men in the midst of our struggles and difficulties. No man is an island.

Also prayers for Reuben’s mother in law and leukemia diagnosis.  Treatment starting this week and next.



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